The team behind FD Capital Recruitment have other business interests, We run a network of sites and resources and have worked with internet businesses in one shape or another for more than 20 years. We sold most of our online business back in 2016 but here are some of our remaining network.

Article Alley – this was once our main business and employed 16 people being redeveloped at the moment it used to enjoy 450,000 page views per day but sadly fell out of favour back in 2010, we have however great hopes for our 2019 relaunch, the site offers members the opportunity of submitting their content and provided it meets the sites quality criteria it gets listed.  It is a great way to showcase your business and skills for free.  Due to the way Google views these sites only really good quality content now gets listed and content is regularly reviewed to ensure it performs, contributions that don’t get page views are deleted as is content that is not unique.  It is a great set of resources in its own right.

In the old days it used to be possible to submit low quality content and Google just didn’t reward pages like that with traffic, but following changes to their algorithm they started to push down whole sites that had too much low quality content, it therefore became important to only allow high quality content to remain active on the site.  Quality being defined by time on page amongst other things. The challenge now is to move the site up the quality gradient so it once again enjoys success,  but as niche quality site rather than as the volume publishing destination it enjoyed in the earlier days of the internet.

Brasskangaroo – Another quality content publishing site, this is in its early days at present we plan to market it heavily towards the end of the year, it is a great clean site with loads of interesting topics and high impact video and images.   It is attracting its own loyal author base and we can see it developing over time into a quality publishing platform in its own right.  This is a similar model to the Article Alley site but starting from a clean slate.

Reporting Accounts – This is an interesting business and project with nearly 5 million UK listings covering every UK Limited Company and PLC, plus many more, the aim of this project is to develop the site into a pay as you go credit report provider, currently it has only limited data on each company but we are working to expand this significantly.  The idea being that users search for a company by its full name, and arrive at Reporting Accounts, find free company information useful, but then to learn more they then buy a more detailed credit report, which provides a more comprehensive credit opinion on the company concerned.  The model is a good one and is based on our ability to market the site online driving traffic to it and building up its recurring revenue.  The site is similiar to Dun and Bradstreet and Creditsafe.

Reporting accounts is a Software as a Service / SaaS model  The company is raising funds via venture capitalist and currently has HMRC clearance for the Seed Enterprise Investment scheme.  An exciting opportunity is with the teams plans to take the site international, the India, Canadian and Australian markets being the initial plans for international expansion.  Business Intelligence is an interesting niche and the company whilst still in the seed stage has some very experienced professionals within its team.

Exec capital – Our executive search sister site, this is a brand we are developing to provide businesses with the full range of C-Suite and senior executive appointments, so Chief Executive, Chief Operating officer, Managing Director, Sales Directors, Human Resources Director, Operations Directors.   From time to time we get asked at FD Capital if we can source senior executives and until now that is not something we have been able to offer.FD Capital Recruitment has built up a great reputation in the senior finance niche and our aim is to replicate that across the senior level recruitment sector.  This site is in its early stages of development but we have plans to professionalise it in the same way we have with FD Capital Recruitment.

Accountancy capital – For the more general accountancy roles.  There is a large market for the nuts and bolts of a finance function, Management Accountants, Financial Controllers, Credit Controllers, purchase ledger clerks and finance assistants, we are developing this site into a jobs board which we can invite our network of Finance Directors to use, FD Capital Recruitment has built up a great reputation in the senior finance niche and our aim is to replicate that in the more general accountancy recruitment sector.  This site is in its early stages of development but we have plans to professionalise it in the same way we have with FD Capital Recruitment.

There are many other sites in our network and we always have ideas and plans for others which have yet and may never see the light of day.


Do you need an FD with Digital Marketing Experience?

ResourcesIf you are recruiting an FD or CFO and need an executive with extensive experience of online marketing and SEO, then make sure to talk with FD Capital Recruitment, we have some of the most experienced online marketeers in the UK within our team, so if you need top level online skills as well as Financial acumen, then reach our to our team today.   Talk with our team as we can share a lot of our resources with you.

See also our E-Commerce FD page and our Search Marketing section. Online skills have been in real demand recently and we expect even more interest once Google launches its Web Core Vital update.  Some of our team have been active with online marketing since the early days of the internet and are well placed to help your business make the most of the opportunity that the shift to online represents. 

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