“An FD Capital portfolio Finance Director will make a difference to any business”

“A Shropshire client”

Find out how a part-time FD or portfolio FD will add value to your business

We see our relationship as being a long term partnership between our team of experienced finance directors and your business. Using FD Capital means you can attract the best with the costs of a full time commitment.

Our objective is to offer far more in terms of service and experience than you will find by going elsewhere in the market.

By using The FD Capital you get far more than just a part-time FD.  Here’s what you get:

  • Our strong experience of business and knowledge of the Portfolio / Part time Finance Director niche.
  • A network of contacts not just in recruitment but within the private equity space so ideal for Debt or Equity fund raising rounds.
  • A great team of friendly helpful people who are fun to be with!
  • Experts in Search Marketing and not just finance.

Reach out to us today and let us start a journey together and help your business reach its full potential.