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Unlock your business’ potential with a CFO or FD with the skills to take it to the next level.
We recruit full-time, part-time, portfolio, and interim CFOs and FDs.

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We are specialist FD Headhunters based in Great Portland Street London.  FD Capital are well known as a provider of both Fractional FDs and Fractional CFOs.  If you are looking for a part-time CFO or a part-time FD then we are the people to talk to.

Are you looking for an Interim FD or Interim CFO for your business? If so we have some of the best candidates available on the market, already on our books and available for an immediate start, call one of our team today to find out more.


FD Capital works closely with our clients to identify their needs, creating a close working relationship between businesses and our team of talented FDs and CFOs. Our recruitment service allows you to find the perfect candidate on either a part-time, interim or full time basis.   We are known as one of London’s leading CFO Headhunters.

We curate a list of candidates that are hand selected for your company with the skills and experience you need to scale your business.


At FD Capital, we strive to recruit for a full range of FD and CFO roles that suit the needs of your business.

Our senior finance recruitment services give you access to our network of FDs and CFOs from across various industries. As we specialise in Financial Director recruitment and CFO Executive Search, most of our network are ICAEW qualified accountants.

A strong track record of recruiting portfolio and part-time FDs who deliver for their new businesses and hit the ground running.
Friendly professional team
An experienced team who are leaders in the CFO and Financial Director recruitment industry with extensive knowledge and experience.
Experts in Finance and SEO
We’re experts in search marketing, along with the technology space.
Network of contacts to draw upon
Our network of associates includes those in the private equity niche, allowing us to assist business with debt or equity fundraising.

Our recruitment service offers:


Full-time FDs and CFOs that are the perfect match for your business and will strive to help you achieve your goals.


Part-time FDs and CFOs that allow you to take advantage of their skills and experience on a more affordable part-time basis.


Interim FDs and CFOs who can join your team immediately for a specific project or time frame.


The role of a CFO or FD is always evolving – but one aspect remains the same. They play an integral role in the daily running of an organisation and work closely with every part of your business, from sales to operations. A CFO or FD works closely with an MD or CEO to deliver on their priorities and engage with stakeholders. Our team of talented CFO’s and FDs are skilled in communication, teamwork, and leadership.

What makes our FD Capital difference is our experience working with funding partners for both conventional debt and private equity. The ever-changing business dynamics make this our area of expertise, allowing us to support your business to grow and recover and support your private equity fund raise.

We’re the industry’s leading CFO recruitment specialist, offering CFOs on a part-time, interim, and full-time basis. Our team is based at Great Portland Street, London, giving us a unique insight into London CFOs.

Making a difference to any business
Helping your business reach its potentital


Our team of financial professionals are at the top of their game and in tune with the ever-evolving business landscape. Many of them have first-hand experience of transitioning from brick-and-mortar stores to e-commerce and have a track record to helping businesses become successful in the online space. Our FDs use their contacts within the technology sector to give your business an edge over the competition online.

A multi-skilled finance professional can oversee the growth of your business both physically and digitally. The FD Capital team have extensive experience within e-commerce, ERP, Fintech, and SaaS.

Start your journey with FD Capital today and help your business reach its full potential with a part-time or portfolio FD. Your business will go beyond the competition and smash your annual goals with the help of a part-time CFO.

If you are looking for a Financial Controller, Part-Time FC,  Interim FC or a London Financial Controller, or you need Group FC Recruitment,  then talk with our team we can help.  FC Candidates make sure to regularly check our Financial Controller Job Board.


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You can choose to hire a CFO or Finance Director on a part-time, interim or full-time business. Our network of skilled financial professionals allows you to find the right candidate that can work with your time commitment and budget.

FD Capital also offers ‘turnarounds’ with our FDs able to use their private equity experience to help raise debt and equity. Whatever your FD or CFO needs are, we’ll help you find the perfect candidate for your business.



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At any moment, there are thousands of businesses across the UK in need of help raising equity capital to scale their business.

This situation often means that debt structures need to be revisited. A FD can get ahead of the game, planning for the future and raising funds at a competitive rate.  Many of our team are experts in Corporate Finance, so reach out to our team today and find out how we work.

Our team has a proven track record of raising funds for businesses across every industry. For example, one team member raised over £7 million to replace a rotating credit line with a long-term facility that better met the business’ need and allowed for a property purchase purchase over a suitably matched longer period.  We also specialise in finding CFO’s, so you can hire a CFO from FD Capital.   Do you need CFO headhunters to help you find the perfect candidate, if so reach out to our team today.  Getting ready to sell your business?   We have business exit preparation experts on hand with the expertise you need to be able to support you through the process.


Are you looking to expand your leadership team? Find out how a part-time or portfolio FD can add value to your business and help you smash your goals.



At FD Capital, most of our talent pool of FDs and CFOs comes from a private equity background or have extensive experience in the field. We’re uniquely positioned to offer access to the industry’s leading private equity experts.

Unlock your company’s fundraising potential by working with a CFO with a proven track record of delivering on Series A and seed funding. Our roster of clients also includes CFOs with experience in successful IPOs and AIM listings.

Private Equity Experts

If your company is funded by private equity or exploring the potential of private investors, you want an FD or CFO on board with experience in the industry. We work with financial executives across the country who have a strong network of private investors and PE houses.

FD Capital is one of the leading financial executive recruitment agencies for PE-funded companies in London and across the UK.


Enhance your company’s chances of securing private funding by recruiting an FD or CFO to balance the books and boost your company’s valuation. Our financial executives have a track record of securing funding for start-ups, SMEs, and scaling businesses.

IPO and AIM Listings

Preparing a company to go for IPO is a two to three-year process with extensive pre-planning. Guarantee a successful IPO by recruiting a CFO with experience working with public companies to manage the process and bolster investor confidence in the long term.

Series A and Seed Funding

A part-time CFO is an ideal person to recruit to oversee your company’s series A and seed fundraising efforts. It frees up the time of your CEO and provides credibility, making your organisation more attractive to potential investors.


The FD Capital leadership team is made up of financial executives and entrepreneurs with a technology background. We’re one of the leading recruiters for technology CFOs and work with clients throughout the tech industry.

Expert Tech CFO

We’re proud to be a hub for tech CFOs with a wealth of experience throughout the industry, from taking companies to IPO and exploring the potential of cryptocurrency and overseeing SaaS fundraising.

Tech CFOs with PE Experience

Our portfolio of candidates includes a range of FDs and CFOs experienced within the tech industry who also have a background in private equity. These candidates are ideal for tech companies searching for a CFO or FD to spearhead their fundraising campaign or build investor confidence.


CEOs need a trusted advisor to oversee the company’s financial health and fundraising efforts. It’s why they turn CFOs with experience working with SaaS companies to raise seed and Series A funding. Start-ups are increasingly hiring fractional CFOs as one of their first C-suite appointments.

Fintech and Cryptocurrency CFOs

Fintech is a niche determining the future of the financial and technological industries. Our CFOs are at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution and are engaged with fintech, leveraging its potential to digitalise and evolve traditional financial and tech institutions. An FD Capital CFO will future-proof your business and prepare it for the next decade and beyond.


FD Capital has a team of FDs and CFOs available for immediate starts in London and throughout the UK. Corporate and operational finance are two evolving parts of the industry with our candidates bringing a fresh approach to your company’s finances, from securing new funding to restructuring accounting systems and implementing new technology.

We now also offer Financial Controller Recruitment, Interim and Permanent

Most of our network of FDs and CFOs operating within corporate finance are ICAEW-qualified accountants.


CEOs without fundraising experience can benefit from a corporate finance CEO or FD with experience in spearheading funding projects. Our portfolio of financial executives has a successful track record of securing private fundraising, including from PE houses and venture capitalists, alongside managing debt restructuring.


The first responsibility of any FD or CFO is to conduct an internal audit of the company’s accounting. Recruiting an FD or CFO will make your accounting more efficient through investing in AI and automation to promote real-time data insights and ensure transparency. Overseeing budget forecasting and modelling, alongside cash flow projection.

Investment decision making

Corporate finance CFOs are leading the way in the digital revolution, investing in AI and automation to enhance real-time forecasting and data insights. Corporate finance CFOs and FDs will identify ways to invest funds to meet the company’s long-term goals, including potential M&As and expansions.


A CFO or FD provides the data-driven insights that ground the decision-making process of the CEO. Our corporate finance FDs and CFOs are strategists who are experts in their industries, conducting internal audits and developing systems to boost efficiency and long-term growth.


Find out how a part-time FD or portfolio FD will add value to your business


FD Capital is the leading recruitment agency connecting financial service companies with experience FDs and CFOs. Our talent pool has extensive experience working with financial services across multiple sectors, from traditional banking to fintech and cryptocurrency.

London-based FDs and CFOs

Most of our CFOs are based in London and available to work both in-house and remotely, as well as hybrid. FD Capital is based in Great Portland Street in London with a wide network of financial professionals throughout the capital.

Fundraising Experts

Gain capital liquidity by working with a CFO with experience overseeing fundraising efforts through traditional financial institutions and private investors. Our CFOs and FDs have a network of investors and can take your business to the next level by unlocking additional capital.

Private Investors

Recruiting an FD or CFO will provide your company with credibility for private investors. Our candidates have a wealth of experience working with venture capital, angel investors, and private equity houses.


CFOs have their fingers on the industry pulse, keeping one eye fixed on future innovation and market evolution. Cryptocurrency, including blockchain, is an area where many of our CFOs are choosing to specialise in. Tech companies and start-ups are actively exploring cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Financial Advisors

CFOs and FDs are the CEO’s second-in-command, providing them with vital financial advice and translating the company’s financial position to investors and external stakeholders. Our financial services CFOs have experience operating with insurance companies, private equity houses, and cryptocurrency.

Financial Controller

A financial controller is a crucial part of your management and finance team. They’ll oversee financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, and data analysis. Most financial controllers report directly to the CFO and offer strategic advice to CEOs. The role and responsibilities of a financial controller can vary depending on the size of the company and its leadership structure.

Alternatively, start-ups and SMEs can recruit a financial controller as an alternative to a CFO. A financial controller is involved in preparing the company for its future growth and development by developing a long-term financial strategy. At FD Capital, we have a talent pool of financial controllers based throughout the UK and offer both traditional recruitment and headhunting services for these roles.

We’re specialists in recruiting financial controllers and work with companies throughout the UK and beyond. We recruit for financial controller roles on a part-time, interim, and permanent basis for companies of all sizes.

Part-Time Financial Controller

Are you a start-up or an SME? Hiring a part-time financial controller is a cost-effective alternative to recruiting a CFO. If your company has a limited budget and a smaller workload, hiring a part-time financial controller will help you grow your business.

You can recruit for a part-time position as a trial run or choose to scale up the role as your company grows. You’ll get all the same benefits of hiring a permanent financial controller without the financial burden of a full-time role.

We recruit part-time financial controllers on contracts from as little as 8 hours per week through to 3 and 4-day contracts, including for remote and hybrid roles.

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Interim Financial Controller

Recruiting an interim financial controller can help support your company during a transition period and ensure it maintains its financial resilience. You can recruit an interim financial controller to oversee a specific project or to cover the absence of your permanent financial controller or a CFO.

An interim financial controller is hired on a short-term basis to oversee a company’s day-to-day financial operations. They act as an in-house accountant and are responsible for maintaining the company’s record-keeping, financial forecasting, and budgeting. An interim financial controller is a worthwhile investment if your company is expanding into a new market, or your organisation is undergoing a merger or acquisition.

An interim FC can fill an unexpected vacancy in your team and hit the ground running by delivering immediate results. Our interim financial controllers have extensive experience working with organisations across multiple industries and bring a unique portfolio of skills and knowledge to any company.

Permanent Financial Controller

A financial controller is one of the first appointments your company may make as it starts to expand or if your CFO needs support with reporting and compliance. A permanent financial controller plays a vital role in preparing your company for the future by ensuring you have adequate cash flow to promote sustainable growth.

Unlock your company’s potential with a full-time financial controller who will oversee your day-to-day finances and financial reporting. Contact our team today for a no-obligation consultation for hiring a financial controller.


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Are you looking to raise capital from VC funds and PE Houses with the assistance of a CFO or FD? Reach out to our team today to help you find the candidate with the skills and experience that you need. Whether you’re a technology business looking for a London interim CFO, a marketing agency in need of a temporary CFO or a Financial Services business in need of a Finance Director, we can help, as we have specialists across across almost every industry,  We are now recognised as a leader within London Private Equity backed businesses.