Find out how a full or part-time FD or portfolio FD will add value to your business – call us today – 020 3287 9501 – We are the experts when it comes to Finance Director and CFO Recruitment.

We see our relationship as being a long term partnership between our team of experienced finance directors and your business. Using FD Capital Recruitment means you can attract the best, and if you need a part-time FD or CFO then without the costs of a full time commitment.

Our objective is to offer far more in terms of service and experience than you will find by going elsewhere in the market.

By using FD Capital Recruitment you get more than just a part-time FD or CFO.  Here’s what you get:

  • Our strong experience of business and knowledge of the Portfolio / Part-time Finance Director / Finance Director Recruitment niche.
  • We are FD’s and CFO’s ourselves so know the market and the roles inside out.
  • Experts in full time FD and CFO Recruitment, we help you recruit the perfect FD or CFO, and do the headhunt for you.
  • A network of contacts not just in recruitment but within the private equity space so ideal for Debt or Equity fund raising rounds.
  • A great team of friendly helpful people who are fun to be with!
  • Experts in Search Marketing and not just finance

Testimonial              “An FD Capital Portfolio Finance Director will make a difference to any business”  

The role of a Finance Director or FD has steadily evolved and always will do, part of the strength of this role is being able to closely work with teams across your business from Sales to Operations and to closely work with the MD/CEO and other stakeholders.   We pride ourselves on having members who are very strong with people skills and who are effective communicators.

In today’s dynamic business environment it is important to have strong links to funding partners both debt and equity, this is an area we are particularly strong at and can support your business with able and well connected finance professionals.

Unlike many finance professionals many of our team members have been closely involved with e-commerce and are experienced at leading businesses to online success.  With so many business areas developing online having a deep and wide network of contacts in the online world is a distinct advantage.    If you are facing the challenges that the online world brings, then explore the options we can offer, that of a multi-skilled finance professional.

Reach out to us today and let us start a journey together and help your business reach its full potential, whether your requirement is for a full time FD or CFO or the need is for a Part Time or Portfolio FD / CFO on your team, you can go further and get ahead and beyond your competitors.

We have so many impressive success stories we can share, and testimonials to evidence just some of the great value our team members have added over the years.

Recruit a Finance Director or CFO on a Part-time or full-time basis.

If you are looking for a Finance Director or CFO for your business, either on a Part-Time or Full-Time basis, then reach out to our team of specialists, we have a dedicated team of FD’s available and a strong network available to meet your needs, we cover Turnarounds, helping to raise debt and equity through to FD’s with experience of Private Equity and working with PE Houses plus E-Commerce specialists.  So whatever your FD or CFO requirements you can be confident we can find the right match for your business.

Testimonial              “With the FD we have from FD Capital Recruitment we feel like the whole world is now within our hands”  

At any one time there are 1,000’s of expanding UK businesses who need to raise capital to make the most of the opportunities that the market offers, sometimes debt structures need to be revisited and refinanced so having the inhouse ability to plan ahead and raise funds at competitive rates is an excellent advantage.  Our team have first class experience in raising funding in all types of situations, for example one of our team needed to raise £7.1m in 2018 to replace a rotating credit line with a more long term facility which better matched the needs of the business to fund a property purchase over a suitably matched longer period.

The client in question had issues as their legacy lender was not willing to provide the funding and not for length of time that made the most sense.   One of team was able to prepare a suitable funding model and source a lender which was more competitive and more suitable than the incumbent bank provider.   This is just one example of how a skilled Part-time FD, an experienced finance professional can make a huge difference, saving on expensive external brokerage fees and working at the same time as a value adding member of the senior management team.

Finance Director Recruitment

If you are an ambitious organisation who require a talented FD to help their business prosper then reach out to us today, we are experts when it comes to Finance Director or CFO recruitment, reach out to us today and let us help you and your business achieve its ambitions.

Specialist FD’s

Our team have many specialisms, E-Commerce and Private Equity expertise being two of the most popular, followed by turnarounds and interim, if you seek a multi-skilled FD or CFO for your business, make sure to reach out to us today.  If you have a specific requirement just let us know, we have a wide range of highly skilled financial professionals on-hand ready and available at short notice.

Testimonial              “Before Adrian joined from FD Capital Recruitment it felt like our finances were balanced on edge” 

Find out how a part-time FD or portfolio FD will add value to your business – call us today, make sure your select us for all your FD Recruitment.

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