Part-Time to Permanent

Part-time to Permanent FD

Adding a Finance Director to your team can be a game-changer for your business. In the early days, it might be unattainable for you to employ someone full-time in the role of Finance Director. It’s becoming more common for businesses to choose a part-time FD who works alongside them as the business grows, changing from […]

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FD Capital guide to FD and CFO recruitment

Free Guide to FD and CFO Recruitment

Our clients are always asking us for advice and guidance so it made sense for us to create a range of guides that we can share with prospective and regular clients alike, the first of which is our guide to Finance Director and Chief Financial officer recruitment. We are pleased with the look and feel […]

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FD Capitals Podcasts

FD Capital’s podcasts

FD Capital now have our own podcasts, we are recording episodes on a regular basis and building up our base of listeners.  It is early days but we are enjoying the process and it makes for a difference from our regular roles as Finance Directors, CFO and of course professional recruiters.  It is a great […]

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Supporting an Orphanage in Ukraine

For the last three years we’ve been supporting an Orphanage in the East of Ukraine, the conflict with Russia doesn’t make headlines in the West any longer, but it does continue and the are casualities daily, the hidden side of the conflict is that many children end up loosing both their parents, and as Ukraine […]

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