Raise Private Equity

Are you looking to raise private equity for your business?

Raising funds is an aspect of business development, both debt and equity are useful funding sources and can allow your business to scale up at a far faster rate than would ever be possible using retained earnings.

Do you need specialist help to raise funds from private equity houses?

Our team have extensive experience with preparing pitch decks, and pitching to our network of private equity houses.  Here at FD Capital we can help you right through the process from raising seed finance to a full IPO.  Drawing on our experienced Finance Director network we can help with each and every aspect. Preparing a business plan, crafting a pitch deck and making the right introductions for you.

Over the years we have built up a network of experienced professionals and funders, so often we know FD’s who have worked with your potential funder.  Or we know private equity houses or venture capitalists who have previously shown interest in businesses in your niche.

What is different about working with a private equity house?

There are differences between being an FD or CFO of a PLC and a PE backed business, but they are not that different in reality, you have investors, or investor representatives, to report to. It is the number and frequency of interactions that varies. With Private Equity investor you meet the investors every four to six weeks. PE investor relations are typically more frequent and more intense, but there are also a smaller number of people to deal with.  PE houses prefer to work with people they know or at least those with experience of working within this environment.

Are you looking to Recruit an FD with fund raising experience?

Bringin in an experienced Private Equity FD who has experience and contacts within private equity houses and specialise bank funders, can be the ideal solution, working with you and your team over a period of months they can help your team prepare and tailor your plans to fit the expectations of private equity or high net worth individuals or other funding sources.  We have team members open to working on a part-time or full-time basis.  You might be interested in: Finding the ideal Private Equity Backed CFO for your Business together with FD Capital.

What type of FD is most successful within a Private Equity backed business?

In the current climate a successful FD needs to combine strong technical skills with entrepreneurial drive and dynamism and at the same time be a good team leader and player.  Our experience shows that the the profile that best matches a PE backed business is one which combines the following:-

  • An engaging personality who can communicate effectively, bringing ideas and drive to an existing management team.
  • Experience of similiar industries and being able to evidence successful turnarounds and or business transformations.
  • Good contacts and ability to convince and bring onboard external parties.
  • A network of contacts that can be drawn upon when needed, across the PE and VC space, fresh fund raising often needs new investor sourcing.
  • Plus excellent chemistry between the candidate and the CEO/MD and Chairman.
Recruit a Finance Director

Find out how a part-time, portfolio, Interim or full-time FD will add value to your business.

We see our relationship as being a long term partnership between our team of experienced finance directors and your business. Using FD Capital means you can attract the best without the costs of a full time commitment.

Our objective is to offer far more in terms of service and experience than you will find by going elsewhere in the market.

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What are PE houses expecting from an FD?

Private equity investors are looking for an exit typically in the range of four to eight years, they also expect growth to continue on a path which will lead to the maximisation of their investment, so having an FD in place who can help achieve that, and communicate effectively if things are on track and take effective corrective actions if they are not is part of the expectation.  They typically avoid early stage businesses and focus instead on high growth companies with a proven record.

FD Capital Recruitment

FD Capital Recruitment are a specialist FD and CFO recruitment and network, we have an active team of Fianace Directors available some for an immediate start, plus a large candidate database of people we have met and dealt with before. Our main office is in Great Portland Street London, with a satellite office in Shropshire that covers the Midlands. Trading since 2018 we have grown steadily and now have a near national coverage.

Formed in 2018 FD Capital Recruitment was founded with the objective of becoming a leading provider of Part-Time Finance Directors, our idea being to bring the skills and experience that finance directors have gained in larger corporates and plc’s and make them available to SME’s on fractional time basis. We have grown and grown and had our busiest year so far in 2020 with some of our team working six days per week.


We operate across the London and south east and West Midlands areas, our ambition is to grow the business to a national operation. Our team is made up of finance professional and experienced recruiters who between them have an extensive network of FD’s and CEO with a strong database of companies we have connections within.

Working with a Finance Director network to find an FD or CFO

An FD network such as our own is a great alternative to working with a conventional senior Finance Recruitment service, as we have a team of FD’s ready and waiting to meet your needs, our team typically have many years of Portfolio FD or Interim FD work experience and can often start immediately.   That gives you and us a significant advantage over traditional recruitment agencies who typically don’t know their candidates very well.

If you are a business owner or CEO thinking of recruiting an FD or CFO, then reach out to us today for an initial chat.  We can offer a range of options for you :-

  • Part Time
  • Full Time
  • Interim
  • Specialists within areas such as Turnarounds or E-commerce and bi-lingual FD’s.

All having at the same time PE house and VC experience.

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