How to find a part time FD

How to find a part time FD?

If you are reading this post then its likely you are a growing business and a owner who has come to the realisation that their finance department has fallen behind the growth and development of the rest of the business.  This is a positive situation to be in, you’ve reached the stage where you need to bring someone in who can help take your business along and up to the next level.

You’ll be amazed how much of a difference bringing in a senior financial professional can make.  Firstly finance directors come on-board for the long haul, a finance director role isn’t temporary or short term, its a senior management role and one which is about learning and understanding a business then helping that business grow and develop in the best way.

Often we see finance departments that are doing the basics well, but just aren’t adding the value that a finance function should,  to drive a business forward business owners need to understand their profitability by product and customer, and to understand the credit risk that each customer and supplier represents.

It you need help to raise external funds, from banks or private equity houses, then an experienced FD will be very experienced in the production of these sorts of models and familiar with the likely criteria banks use to determine loan applications.  If you need to raise private equity then having someone with a lot of connections to private equity houses will be really useful.

About FD Capital

FD Capital was formed in 2018 and we started with a single Finance Director working for a single customer, but we’ve grown quickly and now work with multiple clients across London and the West Midlands and advertise roles for our clients when they need permanent roles or even international ones.

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If you are looking for an FD for your company then reach out to us, we are a specialist Finance Director recruitment service.

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If you are looking for part-time FD roles then call us today as we may need additional resource ourselves.