Build your linkedin followers and get your next FD job

Linkedin is becoming more and more valuable as each year passes, I’ve realised belatedly that I don’t have as many followers as I should have.

I spoke yesterday with a really established Portfolio Finance Director called Emma who has been active in this niche for 12 years+, and I was impressed and amazed that she had grown 3,500+ plus connections on Linkedin over that time. Now this isn’t immediately apparent as Linkedin only states >500+ connections.

It is significant though, because each and every time she contributes a post, this gets shared on the timelines of her 3,500+ connections, in this way Linkedin works in much the same way as does Twitter. To get attention you need the right followers and in the case of Portfolio Finance Directors these need to be Private Equity houses, investment funds, banks, Accountants, lawyers in fact everyone and anyone involved in the business transaction space. Chances are seeing your posts will remind them of your value and if they need a Portfolio FD then they may reach out to you.

Of course you can then send out a message to say you are looking, and do any of your contacts have a requirement? Keep pushing out high quality and interesting posts and news items are other great tips to keep you in people’s minds.

Now the message we need to take home from this blog post, is to invest a few minutes each and every day building your network, your list, remember the old adage the money is in the list? Well for aspiring Portfolio Finance Directors that isn’t far from the truth, the value for us of linkedin is in having the right list and as many good connections on that list, or in this case linkedin connections as possible. So when the times comes around for a new role, you have plenty of connections to leverage.

So get networking! I have learnt something this week and my target is to get another 500 in a short time and 5,000 more in the long run!