Recruiting a Portfolio FD

If you have taken the decision to recruit a Part time Finance Director or Portfolio FD then the next challenge you face is finding a good one and local to you.   The niche of Portfolio FD roles is growing quickly but at the time of writing this blog post it is still just that a niche area rather than fully mainstream recruiment.  Often I hear of clients meeting potential candidates and hearing how they are based hundreds of miles from the potential client, that doesn’t make for a responsive or committed candidate.

The best approach is to locate someone relatively close to your location, Portfolio FD’s are used to commuting but any more than one hour driving is probably too much.

Where is the best place to find a Portfolio FD?  Searching on the likes of Google is an idea though you are only realistically going to find recruitment agencies, if you are working with a venture capitalist or private equity house then often they will have a network in place that you can draw upon.  Your Auditors have similar though  more informal panels often made up of former employees.

Linkedin is a great place – search for Portfolio FD and your location and an increasing number of potential candidates appear and best of all you can make a direct approach and pitch a role.  This is however very time consuming and you are better often just biting the bullet and paying an agency fee either upfront or on an ongoing basis.

Here at FD Capital we have a wide range of candidates mainly around the West Midlands and London areas though not exclusively.  Reach out to us today and let’s discuss your Portfolio or Part time Finance Director requirements.  Dealing with a specialist Part time and Portfolio FD recruitment business is the best advice.