Pitch Deck Creation Service

Pitch Deck Creation Service

Pitch Deck Creation Service

Are you struggling to create a pitch deck for your fundraising? Do you need to develop an in-depth business plan and financial model for your company? At FD Capital Recruitment, our team to experience Finance Directors have a track record of helping companies like yours secure the funding you need to grow your business. Read on to find out everything you need to know about our pitch deck creation service and how it can help your SME.

How Funding is Becoming More Accessible

There have never been more opportunities for your business to apply for funding, with a larger range of private equity and venture capitalists available for you to pitch to. The government is also a major provider of funding through its investment bank and dedicated programs, such as the Internalisation Fund, to help SMEs. Some government funding includes everything from match funding to grants. With pension savings being made via auto-enrolment, more money is available for the government to invest in SMEs.

Starting your own company can be risky, but this risk can be mitigated by the tax advantages available through schemes like EIS and Seed EIS (or SEIS). A Finance Director can help your business receive the necessary pre-clearance from HMRC to take advantage of these initiatives.

At FD Capital Recruitment, our team had supported technology-based SMEs to write business plans and create financial models to form their pitch decks from scratch. During 2019, we secured £600k from high net-worth clients to support a technology client in Derby. Our team are also currently processing a SEIS clearance application for another start-up based in Central London. Our hands-on experience and proven track record make us an ideal choice for any pitch deck creation you need.

What is Pitch Deck Creation Service?

If you want to take advantage of public or private funding opportunities, you need a deck. This document is around 10 slides and helps to give potential investors confidence in your business. A pitch deck is essentially a short presentation that you give to potential investors, whether it’s government agencies or private equity houses. You might be interested in: How To Create Winning Investor Pitch Decks to Achieve Your Fundraising Goals. Your pitch deck is a way to accurately translate your idea and business plan to your audience without overwhelming them with information.

The purpose of your pitch deck is not to secure the funding right away. It’s to get your business to the next meeting, and one step closure to that funding. Getting funding from the government or venture capitalists is not an automatic process. You’ll need to engage with the external party to keep their interest and show them the potential of your business.

Your slides within the pitch deck tell the story of your business, including your financing model. This pitch deck can be produced on any software that you feel comfortable with, whether it’s PowerPoint or Visme.

What Should Be in a Pitch Deck

It’s tempting to want to dump everything about your business into your deck. Instead, you want a short presentation that is concise and easy to follow. Your pitch deck should not go over 19 slides, although 11 is more of an ideal number.

For your deck to be successful, it should include the following information:

  • Introduction of who you are.
  • The problems that your service or product resolves.
  • A clear presentation of what your business is.
  • Identify the opportunity for growth with measurable factors.
  • Show the actual product or service that you’re offering.
  • Present the goals within your business plan and your next step.
  • Introduce your existing team to potential investors.
  • Identify your competition and how you differentiate.
  • Show your financial knowledge that will support you to reach your goal.
  • Identify what you need from investors and explain it to them.

Investors and government agencies go through dozens of pitch decks every day, so you want to make your presentation stand out. While the design is important, the content is what will make your presentation memorable. Part of your pitch deck is storytelling through presenting your business idea and growth plans.

pitch deck - bear and bullllBefore you can think about creating a pitch deck to secure funding, you need to develop your business plan and financial systems. At FD Capital Recruitment, we’ll help you create these through our pitch deck creation service. Without these two set-ups, you won’t be able to create a pitch deck presentation that will interest your potential investors.

The purpose of your pitch deck is to help you get through what is often the first round for funding. Once you’ve grabbed the attention of your potential investor, you can have a more in-depth face-to-face conversation with them. A pitch deck is something you can also use for more generic business meetings, whether it’s engaging with a potential supplier or meeting a client. Your pitch deck is an invaluable asset that you shouldn’t underestimate.

Pitch Deck Creation Service in London, South East, and West Midlands

If you have your eyes on growing your business – or getting it off the ground – you need funding. There is only a finite amount of internal funding that you can put into your business. There has never been more funding readily available for start-ups and SMEs to apply for. Your pitch deck is one presentation that you can’t afford to put together on a whim. It’s a document you’ll use in everything from your presentation through to securing your deal.

A pitch deck explains your business plan in a concise way to potential investors to inform and convince them that their investment in your company is safe and guaranteed to get them a return within a time frame,

At FD Capital, we’re ready to help you with your pitch deck creation to secure the funding you need to expand your business. Our team of specialist private equity Finance Directors, along with CFOs, have extensive experience in working with private equity houses to successfully secure funding for our clients. You can get in touch by calling us at 020 3287 9501 to speak to a member of our team.

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