How to find Portfolio FD work

Well agencies are a great start but not that many run roles that match a Portfolio FD spec and they mostly for that same reason focus onto full time traditional FD roles. That said I’ve picked up a number of roles through my agency contacts so it is a valuable source of work and network connections and certainly not to be discounted. If you are starting out as a Portfolio FD for the first time getting a role this way maybe your only initial way in.

The main way to find roles however is by developing your own network, private equity houses work very well for me and I am building my contacts within those all of the time. Attending events organised by banks and Audit firms are another way, I have good links with EY and KPMG which help and they kindly have put me in touch or at least put in good words for me with a few key employers.

I can recommend Meetup which is an events platform covering a wide range of topics with entrepreneurial networking events being one, I go along to a few of these where it matches my diary often I have a day free per week so I try and make best use of that day to meet people and attend breakfast and other events. All sorts of people go along to these and you never know what contacts you can pickup which may be of use for clients anyway.

Developing your networking skills can be a challenge but after a while you find you can improve and make a better impression with some practice and of course a few mistakes along the way.

If you are looking for Portfolio FD roles or a regular FD one then it is well worth reaching out to me, I have many good connections in the Midlands and London and have helped to place a dozen or more FD’s into roles which either did not match to my skill set or location, you can reach me via linkedin the icon for that is on the footer of this page or by using the contact us page and the feedback form. Linkedin is the fastest as I have that on my phone and check it during my working days at least once.