In short a Portfolio FD is a part time FD who has more than one part time job so someone who works full time but for multiple companies at the same time.

The advantages are manifold SME companies who would not otherwise be able to afford the services of an FD let alone a very experiences one, can employ an FD for a few days per month or days per week, gaining their knowledge and experience but at a far lower costs.

The FD gets to spend time in varied businesses often making fuller use of his or her skills and focusing on the bigger issues.

This particular niche is growing rapidly at the moment and around 10 years ago it was hardly a feature of the Finance recruitment landscape but now it has become a very valuable aspect of it indeed.

There is growing demand for this type of role but within companies looking to get the best skills possible but at a reasonable price and with the Senior Finance Community who are looking for a challenging and varied role which is a little different from the typical Finance Director’s job description.

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