Would being a Portfolio FD be right for me?

I get asked this question often, not everyone even understands what a Portfolio FD is or does to start with. Basically it means having several part time FD jobs at the same time to make a full one.

It has many advantages for example the pay rate is usually better than standard salaried roles, however employment is more variable. Unlike regular roles the work tends to ebb and flow so you have to spend some time every month or even every week prospecting and networking for new business. If like me you enjoy socialising and networking then that aspect is nothing to worry about and actually part of the challenge.

I had two businesses of my own for 12 years and in their start up phases I had no choice but to turn my hand to everything, whether it was HR issues or customer calls it had to be done. So whilst nothing like as entrepreneurial as that sort of activity being a Portfolio FD is something like that but with more certainty.

Typically a full portfolio for me is 4 days per week, I sometimes have a full 5 day week but not always, as there needs to be some ability to put extra time into a role at year end, budget time or during fund raising exercises. Plus as always with luck things come at the same time, same year ends and so on.

Overall I find the Portfolio work approach more demanding on me in that I need to organise and prepare better, but given my own entrepreneurial and social nature it is actually much better than a regular role. I love travelling and the opportunities for long weekends to Europe or extra holiday weeks is also a big plus factor.


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