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We started Podcasting in January 2021 and have now built up our own followers and listeners, we aim to record a new episode at least once per week and currently we are running ahead of that target, a lot of topics have now been covered so we anticipate that things will soon settle down to a consistent weekly pattern.

The great thing is that the team are really enjoying the experience of creating content and engaging with our audience, we get regular feedback which is really positive and we even picked up a new opportunity in March after a listener called in following one of our broadcasts on our Amazon channel.

Podcast List

Currently we publish using two popular platforms, Anchor and Buzzsprout, both of these offer similar features, but their distribution profiles are somewhat different, so we publish each episode on both and in so doing reach out to as many listeners as possible.

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You can also find an inhouse podcast channel which appears in some of the top places around the Podcasting World, including

FD Capital on Apple Podcasts – Let’s face it you’ve got to be on Apple!  Recent episodes include fintech, private equity and deflation.

FD Capital on Google Podcasts – basically Google is the main rival to Apple so we have to be listed there also.

CFO headhunters in London – In today’s episode Adrian Lawrence talks about how CFO headhunters can find better and more suitable candidates than traditional recruiters and for this reason FD Capital has launched their own FD and CFO Headhunting service which is proving to be very popular.  CFO’s are very sought after because their leadership skills and experience and knowledge of business are invaluable to the C-Suite team, often a CFO will deputise for a CEO, and in many businesses a CFO goes on to become the next CEO.

Acast – Our page can be found here.

Blubrry – Our page can be found here

We feature also on popular podcasting sites

Matchmarker personal profile, Matchmaker podcast profile.

Here is our list of Episodes together with notes :-

NED Recruitment –  We now offer Non Executive Directors and Chairs via our Exec Capital Senior Executive search team.
CFO Recruitment – CFO roles are the most senior Finance roles and are one of the specialisms of FD Capital.
Turnaround Finance Directors – Turning a business around is a significant challenge and involves a lot of experience and hard work to achieve.
Executive Recruitment and Executive Search – Getting the chemistry right between Candidate and Client takes a lot of experience, our professional recruiters are excellent at matching in the optimium way.
Non-Executive Directors or NEDs – Non Executives and Chairs are the focus of our Non-Exec team.
Director of Digital Service launched today – Following increased interest in this area we now offer this as a specialism.
Digital Marketing Directors from FD Capital – The move online has accelerated over the last 18 months and experienced FD’s and CFO with E-Commerce expertise are in more demand than ever before.
Google web core vital update – their need for speed – Google is changing their game again, this time with the page experience update which puts speed and user experience as a requirement to rank.
FD Capital Recruitment launches new website – Our new new site is now live.
Interim FD Recruitment – FD Capital Recruitment works as a network of FD’s , CFO’s and Recruitment professionals.
Private Equity Finance Directors available today – Working with PE Houses and Venture Capitalists is one of the unique selling points of FD Capital as so many of our team have this expertise.
Equity FD – Finance Directors with Private Equity and VC expertise – PE and VC expertise is our core skill set.
Free guide to hiring an FD or CFO – Our new guide now free to download visit our guides page to register for your free copy.
Part-Time FD Services – the first service we launched and still the largest part of our business.
How to become a more successful FD – a really popular blog post now getting 100’s of visitors, everyone aspires to be the best they can be.
Interview tips for FD’s and CFO’s – following many requests we have now added this to our candidates section on our website.
Why Hire an FD or CFO? – Our team are very much in demand but we are always on the look out for new opportunities for our team, so hire one today.
Part-Time Finance Directors available in London – London is our main focus given our head office is on Great Portland Street.
Temp to Perm Finance Directors – Moving from temp to perm is a great way to try things out and find if the team chemistry is right.
Part-time to permanent FD roles – An interesting option given so many of our team work part-time, but post pandemic and IR35 many are open to full time traditional roles again.
Maternity Cover for Finance Directors – This is a popular option, so much so we wrote a blog post just about Maternity cover.
FD Capital Recruitment increases its national coverage – Our network has really grown in 2021, see the footer of this page for the latest coverage, which is almost national.
Interim FD’s and temp to permanent – Our interim team is the fastest growing segment of our business in 2021 so far.
Bilingual Finance Directors – We realised that we have not promoted the language skills of our team enough, and this new page gives it the push it needed.
Our FD and CFO Network – All about our business and network.
The Finance Directors Blog – Our blog is the most popular section of our site, its not surprising given the wide range of topics we cover.
CFO Services from FD Capital Recruitment – Our CFO services are proving really popular.
FD Capital Recruitment increases national coverage – So pleasing to see our coverage growing so rapidly.
Virtual Finance Directors – Working remotely has really taken off in 2020 and 2021.
Resignation Tips for FD’s and CFO’s – How best to hand in your notice if you are a senior finance professional.
FD interims for Maternity Cover – Cover whilst Pregnant.
How an interim finance director can help recruit a permanent finance director – our team are real professionals and can really help with your progression planning.
FD Capital Recruitment adds new locations to its national coverage – Our network has grown again.
FD Capital’s growing national coverage – we keep on growing
Interim FD Recruitment – Interims are one of our core areas.
London Finance Director Recruitment – London is our main business location and focus.
Oxford Finance Director Recruitment – A great location for us and many of our team are Oxbridge graduates.
CFO Recruit – Find your new CFO with FD Capital Recruitment.
FD Recruit – Recruit your Finance Director today.
Why Hire a Finance Director – Our team are on hand to help at every stage of your recruitment.
Podcasting with FD Capital Recruitment – Our podcasts are getting traction.
Working as a UK FD or CFO whilst living overseas – Real remote working.
FD Capital Recruitment Overview – A snapshot of the FD Capital Recruitment model.
Internationalisation Grants for UK SME’s – a great grant from the Department of International Trade, let our team help your one over the line.
SME Brexit Support Fund – a £20m scheme run by HMRC and PWC.
Become a successful FD – How to be more successful than you already are, reaching your potential with the help of FD Capital.
Using Linkedin to find FD and CFO Opportunities – Linkedin has great potential you just have to know how best to maximise that.
The FD / CFO Recruitment world returns from lockdown – The world is emerging from its lockdown.

Our new podcast features on Podcast Index

It really is a great and innovative way to get our message and brand out there and gain traction and exposure with the professionals who listen in to Business podcasts.

Anchor has now move to Spotify, visit FD Capital on Spotify to take a look.

In Aug 23 we launched our own podcast directory.

About FD Capital Recruitment your partner for Senior Executives

Podcast MikeFD Capital are a niche senior finance recruitment network of Finance Directors and CFO’s working together with professional recruiters, we have been active in the senior financial professional recruitment niche since 2018 and are based in Great Portland Street, London with an office in Telford Shropshire which services our West Midlands clients.

Our work is split between Part-Time, Interim and Permanent roles, around 50% of our portfolio is currently part-time, though interim and perm roles are growing faster currently.   Many of our network are experienced at search marketing and digital strategy.

We are always looking for new opportunities for our team, so if you need a Finance Director or Chief Financial Officer for your business either on a Part-Time, Interim or Full-Time basis, make sure to reach out to FD Capital Recruitment today.  We also offer Digital Marketing Directors on a full-time, part-time and interim basis.

What areas do you cover?

We cover from London up to Manchester and the south down to the South Coast.

If you are considering taking on a part time FD, then reach out to us today on 020 3287 9501 and we can discuss the options with you further.

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