Work Life Balance and the Porfolio FD

A portfolio FD is a part time Finance Director who has multiple clients at the same time, the nature of this type of work is naturally more flexible than the traditional FD role which is full time at the best of time and working all hours often on a regularly cycle month ends, year ends and so on.

Becoming a Portfolio FD therefore is appealling as you can select clients whose time commitments match your own availability for example if you have childcare responsibilities then you may be able to work 10-3 on a regular pattern or work two or three days per week and not the rest of the week.  A typical day rate for a Portfolio FD is around £450-650 per day depending on location and experience so the potential to earn good money is certainly there.

One of our team spends long weekends throughout the summer traveling to European cities for long weekends and works Tues,Wed and Thusdays that she can see the as much of Europe as she wishes and still keep up the work commitments fully.

Those are two example of course another approach is to work 5 days per week in Winter and less in the summer making the most of the weather to enjoy your other interests such as Golfing.  If you think about it the options and combinations are very varied.

An issue is that work like this is niche and therefore not so easily come by, you need to expect to be prospecting for work for three or so months until a suitable role comes along.  Currently I spend one day per week at home, pursuing my other interests and at the same time use this day for job applications, meetings with Audit firms, Banks and private equity houses of which there are a surprising and encouragingly large number these days.

Often working as a Portfolio FD means working with SME clients, which is not for everyone, but once you realise you need to flexible and roll up your sleeves it is fine.

If you are an employer looking for a Portfolio FD then reach out to use today we are specialists in this niche and can locate your ideal candidate in no time at all.


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