What is a virtual finance director / VFM and where can I find one?

In today’s technology world you might be forgiven for thinking that a virtual finance director is an automated or remote web based professional, well it isn’t yet at least though maybe one day it will turn out like that!  A VFD is a Finance Director who does not work for you directly, and doesn’t work full time.   So something more like a part time self employed or third party employed FD better describes them.

Here are FD Capital we have more than 20 years of FD experience and can provide your business with a Portfolio FD or Virtual FD to meet your requirements.  There are many benefits to be had by working in this way, the costs are lower as you are only employing someone for the days you need them per week or month.   Their day rate is high reflecting their experience but overally the costs will be lower than employing someone full time.   There are also no benefits to worry about or Pension costs etc, just a flat daily rate.

VFD’s are not short term, they are long term arrangements in very much the same way as employing a full time FD would be.  The same personal chemistry is important and the same need for team and presentational skills, it is simply just that you only pay for a fraction of their time.  They get to spread themselves around a variety of different clients and therefore gain work satisfaction through the varied work they undertake.  You can imagine them as a time share FD!

Sometimes a VFD will have specialist complimentary skills for example one of our team built up a Search Marketing based business and has strong SEO skills as well as being a FCA so if you need this type of skill combination then it is always worth requesting a skill set to match.

To answer the second part of the question?  where can I find a virtual Finance Director or VFD?  the answer is simply just call us on 07528969471 or use the contact us page on this website one of our team will reach out to you and we can move forward with finding the perfect VFD or Portfolio FD for your business today.