Professional Services Finance Directors

Professional Services Finance Directors

Professional service companies provide expert support for organisations and businesses across every sector. Their service focuses on providing specialist skills and knowledge, from accounting to marketing and legal services. Having a Finance Director on board is crucial to managing the company’s finances and paving a path for sustainable growth.

A professional services FD is a strategic partner for the CEO, enabling them to focus on forward planning, while the FD takes responsibility for the company’s financial systems, strategy, and auditing. We work with professional service companies across every niche to connect them with talented financial professionals to join their teams as finance directors.

FD Capital is the UK’s leading recruitment agency for finance directors, working with start-ups, SMEs, and scaling companies within professional services across the UK. Our talent pool of specialist professional services FDs is available for immediate starts on a part-time, full-time, and remote basis.

We pride ourselves on offering a 360-degree approach to recruitment, offering traditional recruitment, alongside headhunting services. Our team takes a relationship-orientated approach to recruitment, starting by identifying the specific needs of your organisation.

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The Role of a Professional Services FD

Finance directors provide the financial foundation for companies to grow from. They’re more than just a manager. They’re a strategic advisor, contributing to the company’s long-term growth and overall vision.

The role of financial director at professional service companies has changed rapidly in the last decade, allowing companies to adapt their position to reflect their specific needs and leadership structure. Ultimately, an FD provides the strategic and financial guidance that ensures companies correctly manage their finances. Their focus includes developing and implementing procedures and policies to control and manage the company’s financial outgoings.

The responsibilities of a professional services FD include:

  • Oversee the company’s financial department and provide senior leadership to ensure employees are motivated and carrying out their responsibilities. They may restructure the department to better reflect changing operations.
  • Collaborate with the company’s CEO to develop its business objectives to align the financial strategy with them.
  • Offer financial guidance and advice to the senior leadership team, including translating financial concepts and forecasting to board members and investors.
  • Oversee the company’s internal auditing programme to comply with regulatory measures and financial procedures.
  • Take responsibility for the company’s financial accounts, ensuring that reports are filled accurately and on time.
  • Manage the company’s annual budget, implementing financial targets and ensuring it complies with regulatory terms.
  • Implement financial policies, procedures, and systems to ensure financial management.
Finance Director

Recruit a Part-Time Professional Services FD

A part-time finance director is an ideal option for professional service companies in their early growth stage. A finance director will ensure that your company is compliant with accounting rules with accurate HMRC submissions, submitted on time.

Recruiting a finance director means there’s a senior executive on your team monitoring legislative changes and ensuring the company meets its relevant rules and regulations. Having a part-time FD is an investment that can help your company save money by avoiding potential fines for non-compliance or late submissions.

A financial director is an investment in your company’s future and leadership team. Outsourcing the role with a part-time FD is a cost-effective way to introduce the role into your organisation. Most start-ups and scaling companies don’t have the workload for a full-time financial director, making a part-time role a more efficient option. A part-time FD role can be scaled with your company’s growth to become a full-time position when the need arises.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Services Finance Director

The role of finance director has changed rapidly in recent years. These financial executives are no longer bean counters, transitioning to the role of strategic advisors, taking on extensive leadership roles within their organisations.

FDs have the technical knowledge and soft skills that enable them to build relationships with key stakeholders and shareholders, increasingly developing a public profile in larger organisations. They can act as a bridge between the CEO and the board, particularly if the leadership team does not include a CFO.

What makes a financial director so valuable is their ability to communicate and interact with almost every aspect of the business – from employees to stakeholders and system providers. This versatility gives finance directors a unique perspective on value creation and growth strategies.

Risk management also falls within the responsibilities of an FD, who will communicate potential commercial and financial risks to the leadership team. Today’s financial directors play a more forward-focused role than ever before, establishing systems that implement best practices and controls with KPIs in place.

A finance director can be a leader of your finance team or work in partnership with the CFO to create a motivated department, ensuring efficiency and accurate processing with timely reporting. The financial systems and forecasting implemented by a finance director can provide crucial data insights to support decision-making.

Professional Services FDs as Strategic Business Consultants

A part-time or interim professional services FD will bring a fresh perspective to your company or legal practice. These financial executives take an analytical approach, offering system and process solutions to streamline your financial management and planning, plus supporting on legal contract issues.

Financial directors act as advisors for the CEO, C-suite team, and stakeholders. They act as a consultant by providing solutions and ideas for value creation and growth strategies. Their transferable skills make it easy for financial directors to hit the ground running, whether in an interim or full-time role.

Recruiting a financial director can unlock your company’s potential in the professional services industry to drive ambitious growth.

Recruit a Professional Services FD with FD Capital

FD Capital strives to streamline the recruitment process for hiring professional services FDs and senior financial executives. Most of our talent pool of finance directors are ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants.

We work with our clients to identify their specific needs, including their company’s skills gap and leadership structure. FD Capital curates the recruitment process with a hands-on approach to connect organisations with industry-leading talent who will fit into their company culture and hit the ground running.

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