Professional Publications

Professional Publications

To help market Finance Directors Capital we publish articles and contribute blog content to a range of high quality and reputable publications. We do feature already in newspaper sites such as the Shropshire Star and other second tier publications, not yet the mainstream press such as the Financial Times, Telegraph or similar top tiers but we are cultivating those channels also.

We aim to get exposure on sites or publications that have a strong internet following so whilst perhaps not as recognisable to UK readers nevertheless they have strong Internet reputations and our associates brings to us traffic and some enhance credibility due to their cross linkage to us.

Here are just some of the highlights of our efforts and progress so far.

Bloglovin – a Great blog promotional site which aims to highlight quality blogs and allows the publication of interesting high quality content at the same time. Due to the huge size of this site not all content gets to be indexed by Google so it is somewhat challenged in that respect, but a nice site with a strong internal network of followers.

  • Become a Portfolio FD – is as the name suggests a post about how to transition from a traditional FD role to becoming a Portfolio one

Medium – this is a top tier publication and is amongst the most popular sites in the World it has a huge following and attracts some of the top writers from around the World.

  • Portfolios are a growing niche – Highlights the rapid growth of the Portfolio finance Director role and the high value of this area of Financial management and recruitment

Brasskangaroo – This is one of our own network of sites so its great to see FD Capital getting a mention in this Recruiting a Portfolio FD article.

Podcasting – We are new to this area but its really interesting and a great way to reach out to a whole new audience.

Wikipedia – Always nice to get a mention in wiki, and the good thing being that the many wikipedia spin off sites also then use our content, check out CFO’s on Wikipedia.

Professional Publications

publications onlineFD Capital now have our own podcasts, we are recording episodes on a regular basis and building up our base of listeners.  It is early days but we are enjoying the process and it makes for a difference from our regular roles as Finance Directors, CFO and of course professional recruiters.  It is a great way to get our message out there.  

Also there are many strong platforms that make it easy to distribute our content.   What is rewarding is to receive calls from prospective employers who say they have listened to one of our podcasts online and are getting in touch because they enjoyed an episode or the topic was of use to them and their business.

  • Audible – Part of the Amazon family,  nothing more needs to be said, Amazon rule the podcast waves. After Apple, Amazon is probably the leader in the Podcasting world due to their strong reputation.
  • Breaker – A popular podcast host
  • Podpage – a mini site showcasing our podcasts episodes
  • Podchaser – a super site that has loads of really good community features.
  • Podchaser – using Linkedin to find your next FD or CFO opportunity.


Chrome store – Our Google Chrome Extension is published and already in use by many Chrome users.


We user hubspot as our CRM at the moment, it even has its own sign up site.

Podcasting Hosting platforms

We run a regular podcast which had more than 40 episodes at the last count, you can easily find it by viewing one of the podcast hosts below or our mini site over at FD Capital on podpage.

FD Capital on Anchor – our podcast host.

FD Capital on Buzzsprout – our other podcast platform.

Podcasting is a great way to reach out to a new market, we can share our successes and there are plenty of topics that we are planning to cover, using Twitter, using Linkedin, how to find FD and CFO roles just to mention a few. Our team are very creative and imaginative so it doesn’t take them anytime at all to come up with interesting and useful episodes.

What we like about podcasting is that is provides and opportunity for our team to showcast their knowledge and also gain traction in a totally different market place, so many people listen to podcasts these days it only takes one or two to show interest and that can lead to new clients for FD Capital and new opportunities for our CFO’s and FD’s.

Format is a quality artwork publisher.

We have a mini site dedicated to FD Recruitment on Strikingly.

Our newsletter is distributed via mailchimp and they have a mini site that serves to help collect sign ups.   Their sitebuilder is actually pretty good and we quite like the FD Capital site on mailchimp.

Ted – the educational professional publisher kindly features a few of our vids

Professional Publications

Job Sites

Indeed – we get a lot of applications from this channel and a few really good ones.  After Linkedin it is our most popular source of potential new recruits to our network.

Linkedin – Our main source of new recruits is from Linkedin and many of our clients have been introduced to use via their platform. We see Linkedin growing as a place to advertise jobs, as it has the potential to cut out agency fees and with the growth of professionals using Linkedin, it does make sense to test the water via linkedin then only go directly to an agency if the candidate response isn’t strong enough. I have not seen any numbers, but certainly my perception is that a lot more jobs are now appearing via Linkedin than ever before. It’s also possible to run sponsored ads on Linkedin so that may also be a way to drive applicants to advertised roles.

Job Board Finder – Does what it says on the tin!

Glass Door – sort of a job site!

Zoho Careers site – Part of our CRM.

Market Watch – A very strong finance market site, that hosts press releases.

Exeter Daily – A local paper covering our Exeter team

Search for work to fit around your studies using Jooble

We’ll be adding more to this page as additional content is published and we see this section developing into something of a showcase of our work.

FD Capital Recruitment

We are open to working with other high quality publishing platforms, so feel free to reach out to our team.

We are if course always interested to hear from new businesses, if you are an SME based in London or the West Midlands then we are keen to speak with you, we have a lot of experience with PE Houses. We specialise in Finance Director and CFO Recruitment.


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