FD Capital’s podcasts

FD Capital’s podcasts

FD Capital now have our own podcasts, we are recording episodes on a regular basis and building up our base of listeners.  It is early days but we are enjoying the process and it makes for a difference from our regular roles as Finance Directors, CFO and of course professional recruiters.  It is a great way to get our message out there.   Also there are many strong platforms that make it easy to distribute our content.   What is rewarding is to receive calls from prospective employers who say they have listened to one of our podcasts online and are getting in touch because they enjoyed an episode or the topic was of use to them and their business.

We are using two of the leading platforms Anchor and Buzzsprout.

FD Capital on Anchor – Our podcasts can be found here.

FD Capital on Buzzsprout – You can also listen to them here.

Both of these platforms are great in that they help distribute and syndicate our podcasts around the main players in this niche.

Here are some of the great places we are already partnering with.

Podcast ListYou can’t really go wrong with Google, and we have our own page featuring our content, Google came late to the Podcasting world but have been pushing heavily into the niche and are really making headway.

Apple Podcasts – Well nothing more needs to be said, Apple rule the podcast waves.  Apple is probably the leader in the Podcasting world due to the presence of podcasts in their itunes channel and the fact that so many people use IOS devices, phones, ipads, watches and mac computers.

Spotify – Is really well known and has huge overall traffic.

Amazon Music – Another fantastic place, and whilst principally a music channel they cover podcasts of all genres.

Amazon.com – One of the internet’s heavy weight sites.

Audible – One of our favourites as they have such as strong platform and following.  This is also linked to Amazon and seems to have the strongest presence on the internet, presumably due to the huge power that Amazon itself enjoys.

Podcast Addict – as the name suggests its dedicated to podcasters and podcasting.

Podbay – a very popular US site.

Podchaser – This is the best platform we have come across from a user perspective, it is rich with features such as reviews, lists and the ability to intereact with other community users.    It really has a great series of features, allowing you to make lists of your favourites and to message and intereact with other members of its community.  These features really make it stand apart from any other site we have come across in this niche.   Everyone else is really a directory of tracks, this site alone is a proper community of podcast listeners and publishers.

Pocket Casts – These are well known but have a limited website.

Tunein – A really popular channel.

Breaker – A well know platform.

Listen Notes – Another interesting platform we recently joined and are looking forward to see how it develops.

Player FM – A music site that also features business podcasts such as our own.

Podcast Index – Another well known outfit we signed up with them in April 21 and will review how things go.

Blubrry – Another very well known and strong player in the market, and their site even looks blueberry coloured.

Podcasts – A really good platform.

Podomatic – Another great place to feature.

Youtube – Podcasting is huge on Youtube also.  We regularly notice our podcasts appearing in convential searches which shows how Google is placing increased importance on different forms of media as a way to enhance their search results.

Vimeo – Similiar to Youtube in many ways.

You can also read more about FD Capital on our Linkedin Page

We are pretty sure that 90% of podcasting traffic must be dominated my the big names on this list, so the likes of Apple, Amazon and Google.  Given their huge financial strength and multi-national presence it just makes sense that they can capture the English speaking world market more effectively than anyone else.

Podcasting is a great way to reach out to a new market, we can share our successes and there are plenty of topics that we are planning to cover, using Twitter, using Linkedin, how to find FD and CFO roles just to mention a few.   Our team are very creative and imaginative so it doesn’t take them anytime at all to come up with interesting and useful episodes.

What we like about podcasting is that is provides and opportunity for our team to showcast their knowledge and also gain traction in a totally different market place, so many people listen to podcasts these days it only takes one or two to show interest and that can lead to new clients for FD Capital and new opportunities for our CFO’s and FD’s.

If you are looking for tech savy FD’s or CFO’s to join your business make sure to reach out to our team today and we will find you the ideal candidate.  We currently focus on London, Oxford and the West Midlands areas of the UK, but can find candidates nationally using our network of contacts and connections.

We now have a mini site dedicated to showcasing our podcasts, check out FD Capital on Podpage.

Our experience of Podcasting has been really rewarding we now see it as as another sales channel both for prospective employers and for candidates, it really is great to realise that such a variety of people are tuning in on a regular basis and sampling the podcasts from FD Capital Recruitment amongst others.

Visit our FD Capital podcast showcase page to view and select our most recent episodes.

Part of our weekly routine is now to create more episodes and and at the same time to keep a look out for more places that can promote, syndicate or help get the message out there about our podcastings.  The niche does seem somewhat limited in that after a couple of days we found that we have listed ourselves on all the major platforms and places.

Considering we are a team of recruiters and FD’s we feel we are doing pretty well and being adventureous getting ourselves into this media genre.