London Senior Financial Recruitment

London Senior Financial Recruitment

London Senior Financial Recruitment

FD Capital are based in Great Portland Street London, and have been offering our senior financial recruitment services since 2018, we operate as an FD and CFO network which means we are a team comprising Finance Directors, Chief Financial Officers and professional recruiters, all working together.  As opportunites come through we share them among our team, and if there isn’t capacity then we go to market and source candidates either from our extensive database of candidates we have previously met, or through advertising with the usual leading recruitment plartforms.

Our head office is very much focussed onto the London market we offer:-

  • Part-Time Finance Directors
  • Interim Finance Directors
  • Full-Time Finance Directors
  • Part-Time CFO’s
  • Interim CFO’s
  • Full-Time CFOs
  • Non-Executives with Finance Backgrounds

So all London senior finance roles, we have a sister company called Exec Capital that increasingly focusses on C-Suite and Non-Executive roles.

signage 2653 1920Our team are based all around London, North, South, Central and out to Gatwick and Watford,so if you are based close to an underground station then anywhere central London works.   We also have team members who commute from the Home Counties, so we can easily service businesses around the M25.

Our team love working with growing entrepreneurial London businesses, so if you are a start-up or early stage business, then speak to us, our team have a lot of experience working with VC and PE Houses so we can help with fund raising if that is needed.

If you are an established business, then our team have great experience with growing businesses and turnarounds and challenging trading conditions.  We also have some of the UK’s leading Search Marketing and E-Commerce experts on our books, so if you need a Finance Director who is also an SEO guru, then talk with us, there are people with those skills around.  We also have stand alone SEO and E-Commerce experts available if you need access to those.  If you need a London based SaaS Finance Director then we have some of the best candidates in their field on our books.

London Part-Time FD

If you need the services of an experienced Finance Director but not on a full-time basis, then talk with us about a Part-Time FD.  We have Portfolio FD’s on our books who work for more than one business at the same time and are available to work on a flexible and fractional time basis.  There are many great benefits from this arrangement, a lower cost for your business, but also the access to someone with a high skill set who normally only work for larger companies.

Visit our Dedicated London Part-Time FD Team page.

London Interim FD

If you need an FD or CFO for a limited period, for example a project or to cover for an unexpected or planned absences, then reach out to our team today, we have professional Interims available, and our Part-Time team may have capacity to assist.  Often we can find a great candidate available at short notice or for an immediate start.  London Senior Financial Recruitment

Visit our Dedicated London Interim FD Team page.

London Full-Time FD

The traditional Full-Time FD market is growing again, we are seeing a good number of vacancies coming forward, often project and plans have been on hold since 2019 and now are coming forward and moving to active hires.  Our team are very experienced at matching candidates to clients and ensuring the chemistry and experience matches in the best possible way. London Senior Financial Recruitment is what our team are focussed on.

Because we are focussed on FD’s and CFO’s we have a large network of talent available for you, if you need a temporary solution we can help, if you need specialists in turnaround or particular industry sectors then we have the candidates that will be ideal for you on hand and pre-screened and interviewed. If you are looking for a traditional permanant role, then of course we can help with that also.

London Senior Financial Recruitment

Many of our team have more than 25 years senior financial experience so we know exactly what is needed in any situation and understand how important the chemistry is between a Finance Director and the rest of the senior team.   Most of our team are ICAEW qualified accountants.

Our dedicated London based finance team also has considerable expertise in more specialist finance roles. We have successfully placed, for example, many Turnaround specialists and E-Commerce / Digital specialists, these can play an important role in helping steer their firms through more uncertain times and of course guiding your business through the transition to Digital based channels.

Visit our Dedicated London FD Recruitment Team page.

London CFO

london 2239726 1920FD Capital are based in Great Portland Street, London and are focussed on the recruitment of CFO’s, senior executives and senior finance professionals.   You might be interested in recruiting a London CFO from FD Capital.

Are your recruiting a Chief Financial Officer or CFO for your business? Do you need a talented CFO to help your business reach its full potential? Then you are in the right place? Talk to FD Capital Recruitment today and we’ll find the perfect CFO for you and your business. You might also want to look at a CDFO to help with your digital transformation.

We understand that the chemistry has to be right amongst the senior management team, and a new CFO needs the skills and experience to perfectly match to your business requirements and London Senior Financial Recruitment.

Visit our Dedicated London CFO Recruitment Team page.

London Non-Executives

If you need a non-executive Director or Chair for your business, for startups or established businesses, then reach out to our non-exec team who can help you find the perfect non-executive with a suitable finance background.

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on always being friendly and professional, plus our approach reflects that we are team made up of FD’s, SEO’s and professional recruiters, so you can be sure of talking with someone who knows first hand what your issues and situation is likely to be. Many of our team have been entrepreneurs themselves so can really relate to our owner manager client base.

Finance Director Recruitment Specialists.

We offer a bespoke service so whatever the size and whatever your budget we can find the perfect FD to meet your needs.

If you are a business looking to recruit a Full-Time Finance Director then reach out to us today we can help you find the perfect candidate for you and your business.

We specialise in FD’s so if you are an SME, privately owned or PE backed or a plc we can help find the best match for you.

From time to time some of our roles move up from a few days a few to become full time, this happens as businesses grow or as is sometimes the case the senior management team realises the value a pro-active Finance Director can add to an organisation. Sometimes there are external reasons such as acquistions or that the business concerned has entered a more challenging phase in its development.  Our team are Part-Time FD and Portfolio Professionals but we do have a database of excellent candidates interested in permanent / Full-Time roles.

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