Guildford CFO Recruitment

Guildford CFO Recruitment

FD Capital is the leading recruiter of Chief Financial Officers in Guildford. Our leadership team consists of financial executives and entrepreneurs who understand the changing role of CFO in today’s challenging economic picture. We work with start-ups, SMEs, and scaling companies across Guildford to connect them with skilled CFOs on a part-time, full-time, or remote basis.

CFOs are amongst the most sought-after leadership professionals across every industry. Their role has evolved beyond number crunching and spreadsheets to engaging with stakeholders and developing financial resilience. Hiring a ‘Chief Future Officer’ will unleash your company’s potential, establish credibility with potential investors, and provide a strategic basis for decision-making.

FD Capital’s talent pool includes a portfolio of financial experts based in Guildford and across Surrey. We’re working with companies located in the UK and beyond, providing a tailored hiring process that includes traditional recruitment and CFO headhunting services.

Our executive team has the unique insights of being entrepreneurs and financial executives, enabling them to understand the needs of clients and candidates alike.

Guildford is becoming a growing business hub within Surrey, thanks to its easy transport links to London. It plays host to businesses within consumer product manufacturing, accounting, car rental, and aerospace engineering. Thales, Enterprise, Deloitte, and Unilever are amongst the major companies with bases in Guildford.

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Chief Financial Officers in Guildford

One of the best investments you can make for your business is recruiting a CFO. They’re the second-in-command to the CEO, offering a fresh perspective on its financial position, and filling a skills gap. Today’s CFOs are coming from a variety of backgrounds, including less traditional non-accounting backgrounds.

CFOs are becoming more accessible for start-ups and SMEs as many are moving away from full-time contracts. FD Capital actively recruits part-time and remote CFOs, lowering the threshold to make it more financially viable for companies to benefit from the experience of a CFO.

Our talent pool includes senior financial professionals who are available to work on a remote or part-time basis, including for fixed terms contracts. We’ll work to connect you with a candidate who has the skills, experience, and network to develop your company’s short and long-term strategies. Many of our talent pool specialise in rapid growth situations, fundraising, and mergers and acquisitions.

Companies at every stage of their development cycle are recruiting CFOs to navigate the current economic uncertainty, engage with investors, and develop supply chain resilience.

FD Capital works closely with our talent pool to nurture their career progression while connecting them with companies that require their expertise. We curate the recruitment process to meet the needs of both clients and candidates. It’s our goal to recruit candidates who will fit into the company’s culture and understand its over-arching mission.

Recruiting a CFO in Guildford

Companies that oversee recruitment internally spend more on the process and wait longer to find the right candidate. Outsourcing your recruitment to FD Capital is a more timely and cost-effective solution. Our recruitment team includes financial professionals and entrepreneurs who understand both perspectives of the recruitment process.

It’s our goal to streamline the recruitment process with quick short-listing and industry-specific advice to enable companies to find the best candidate the first time around. FD Capital has a unique insight into the CFO recruitment industry by mentoring candidates and working with companies across a diverse variety of niches.

Your FD Capital recruiter will strive to find a candidate who ticks all the boxes and has the skills and experience to financially grow your business. The first step of our recruitment process is to identify the specific needs of your company and any potential skills gaps that can be filled by a CFO.

Identifying a company’s individual requirements allows us to curate a shortlist of candidates to speed up the recruitment process. Our team are equipped to oversee recruitment at short notice, including providing a short list of candidates within as little as 24 hours.

The evolution of the role of CFO means it’s no longer just multi-national companies recruiting for this position. We’re recruiting financial executives for part-time, full-time, and interim CFO positions in Guildford and across the UK.

Why Your Guildford Company Needs a CFO

CFOs are the partners a modern CEO relies on. They interact with every aspect of the company, from building supply chain resilience to adding credibility when engaging with financial institutions. A CFO who invests in technology will be able to provide real-time insight into forecasting, trends, and analysis.

Recruiting a CFO is an essential step when preparing your company for transition or when navigating economic uncertainty. The cost-of-living crisis and current geo-political situation make it an ideal time to appoint a CFO on a part-time or full-time basis.

Our portfolio of Guildford-based CFOs has a wide range of experience, from managing exit strategies to overseeing fundraising efforts, providing a 360-degree role. Recruiting a CFO is an investment that pays for itself by enabling your company to become more efficient, profitable, and productive.

Recruiting for a Guildford CFO with FD Capital.  

Our mission is to streamline every step of the recruitment process to help companies unlock their potential with a CFO. We oversee recruitment in every scenario, from providing cover for sickness periods or recruiting a part-time, remote CFO for rapidly scaling start-ups.

The FD Capital team takes a hands-on approach throughout the recruitment process, working with companies to identify the skills and experience they need in their CFO. Our Guildford-based CFOs are available to work in-house or remotely with most of our candidates being ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants.

We recruit on a part-time, full-time, and interim basis for companies in Guildford and across the UK, including remote CFO opportunities. Are you looking to take your first steps on the CFO career ladder? Contact our recruitment team to join our talent pool today.

Unlock your company’s potential and start recruiting for a CFO in Guildford by contacting our team at : or 020 3287 9501.