Camberley CFO Recruitment

Camberley CFO Recruitment

We’re proud to be the first choice for CFO recruitment in Camberley. FD Capital has an undisputed reputation for connecting the industry’s best financial professionals with companies throughout Camberley and across the UK. We strive to create a positive experience for candidates and clients alike.

Our executive team is made up of entrepreneurs and financial executives who have a unique insight into both perspectives of the recruitment process. We recruit CFOs on a part-time, interim, and full-time basis throughout Camberley for companies based in the local area, in the UK, and beyond. Our CFO headhunting services are also available for rapidly scaling and established companies.

We’re also experiencing growth in remote opportunities, giving financial executives their first steps on the CFO career ladder. The evolution of the role of CFO means it has moved beyond financial management to take on increased strategic importance, engaging with every aspect of the business.

The FD Capital talent pool includes financial professionals located in Camberley and throughout Surrey. We’re working with companies across the UK and international organisations to recruit on an in-house and remote basis.

FD Capital is a boutique recruitment agency that specialises in connecting financial professionals with companies to unlock their potential. We have our finger on the pulse of the CFO industry, understanding the evolution of the role, and its potential for companies at every stage of their development.

Begin recruiting for a Camberley CFO by contacting our recruitment team today at Our team will work with you through every step of the process to find a specialist CFO who will take your company to the next level.

Chief Financial Officers in Camberley

Today’s CFOs have evolved beyond number crunching, financial management, and cash flow forecasting. CFOs are starting to appear from non-traditional backgrounds, many of them having experience in operations and strategy.

Bloomberg has nicknamed the role as ‘Chief Future Officer’ reflecting the work of a CFO in unlocking the company’s potential and overseeing their growth cycle. CFO responsibilities include overseeing operations, providing insight for strategic decision-making, and engaging with potential fundraisers.

Hiring a CFO can radically transform your business, opening new fundraising avenues, and improving productivity. A CFO plays a key role in offering a fresh perspective for investors and board members with many private investors insisting on the recruitment of a CFO before investing.

Our Camberley CFOs are available on a full-time and part-time basis, whether in-house or working remotely. We recruit for CFOs on behalf of start-ups, SMEs, and rapidly scaling companies. Our portfolio of financial executives includes fundraising experts, specialists in mergers and acquisitions, and CFOs with experience in building supply chain resilience.

The evolution of the role of CFO has made it more accessible for companies at every stage of their development. We can help you curate the role of CFO to suit your company’s operational needs and budgets. Part-time CFOs are more financially viable for smaller organisations that don’t have the workload for a full-time position.

A CFO is a long-term investment that pays for itself, opening new fundraising opportunities and acting as a second-in-command to the CEO. Many companies view their CFO as the natural successor to their CEO to ensure a frictionless transition as the company grows.

We also work closely with our candidates to support their career progression as CFO, providing career advice and mentoring to develop well-rounded candidates. Our team tailors every aspect of the recruitment process to connect companies with candidates who will fit their company culture and mission, as well as their filling their skills gap.

Recruiting a Full-Time or Part-Time CFO in Camberley

Recruiting internally isn’t easy, especially if you have a dedicated HR manager. Internal recruitment can be more cost and time intensive than outsourcing the process. Our goal at FD Capital is to create a seamless recruitment process that accounts for every company’s individual needs, culture, and overarching goals.

We understand the perspectives of candidates and clients alike with a unique insight into the needs of companies, appreciating the concerns of CFOs and investors.

Our portfolio of CFOs in Camberley has experience in debt refinancing and overseeing mergers and acquisitions. A CFO is the second-in-command to the CEO and interacts with every aspect of the company, making the recruitment process vital for finding the most suitable candidate.

They provide the data-driven analysis that is the basis for the company’s strategic decisions. The goal is always to find a CFO who has the experience to unlock the company’s potential and the ability to build a winning partnership with the CEO.

We start the recruitment process by identifying the individual needs of the company to produce the most suitable shortlist of candidates, accounting for the company and CEO’s preferences. The flexibility of today’s CFOs to work remotely and part-time means that it’s no longer just companies with a multi-million-pound turnover that can afford a CFO.

FD Capital is actively recruiting financial executives in Camberley on a part-time, full-time, and interim basis. We’re providing companies with access to CFOs with world-class experience and industry-leading knowledge. Your dedicated recruitment team will be with you throughout every step of the process.

Why Companies are Recruiting CFOs

Companies are actively recruiting CFOs to provide strategy and financial support to restructure, grow, and develop their organisations. Hiring a CFO isn’t only an investment for when your company is growing. A CFO can enable your organisation to navigate financial uncertainty and economic challenges. Every company should approach the recruitment process with their specific circumstances in mind.

Hiring a CFO is essential for preparing your company for major change or strategy development, such as fundraising or entering new markets. The cost-of-living crisis and inflation are leading to a rise in CFO recruitment as companies ensure they’re financially prepared and can take advantage of the economic circumstances if financially resilient.

Our talent pool of Camberley-based CFOs has experience overseeing investor relations and managing exits and strategic planning, providing a full 360-degree skill set. Hiring a CFO in Camberley will provide your company with the tools to unlock its potential.

Start Recruiting a CFO in Camberley with FD Capital

Whether you’re hiring a CFO to cover a sickness period or need a part-time CFO, we’re here to help. We’ll keep you involved in every step of the process of hiring a CFO in Camberley while making it as streamlined and efficient as possible.

Our team of Camberley CFOs are available to work in-house or remotely with most of our candidates being ACA/FCA (ICAEW) qualified accountants.  Are you planning the next stage of your career? Reach out to our recruitment team today to become part of our talent pool of financial professionals.

Start your journey with FD Capital to recruit your CFO in Camberley or join our talent pool by contacting our team at or 020 3287 9501.