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The benefits of a Part-Time Financial Director / CFO

Benefits of a Part-Time Financial Director / CFO

We our with business across the London and Midlands areas and across sectors everything from Automotive to Technology we always find the right part-time financial director for our clients ensuring they have a professional with the skills and knowlege matched to their needs.

We are flexible for some clients and assigments a full-time role is the best whereas a Part-Time one might be perfect for another.

Unlike other Part-Time FD organisations we do not charge the FDs fees to join us.

If you would like assistance into understand the finances of your business and do not require full-time support then here are some of the great benefits of hiring a Part-Time Finance Director:


We will always find the right candidate who has the relevant experience to work with your business.


You can set out how much time you need them to work with you and you can change this from one month to the next.


We will work with you to identify your requirements. Our team includes:-

Private Equity Specialists

Turnaround / Corporate Rescue / Corporate Recovery specialists

E-Commerce Specialists

What ever your requirement we can meet and exceed your expectations.

To find out more about hiring a part-time FD, give one of our specialists a call.