The benefits of a Part-Time Financial Director / CFO

The benefits of a Part-Time Financial Director / CFO

Benefits of a Part-Time Financial Director / CFO

We are a London based specialist recruitment agency with a focus on business across London and the West Midlands areas. We also have team members in Oxford, Manchester, Leeds and Bristol which gives us the ability to cover most UK locations.

We cover a wide range of sectors, everything from Automotive through to Technology.

At FD Capital Recuitment our aim is to always find the right part-time financial director or CFO for our clients ,ensuring they have a professional with the skills and knowledge perfectly matched to their needs.

We understand the need to be flexible and whilst for some clients and assignments a full-time role is the best, whereas for others a Part-Time placement might be the perfect solution.

Unlike other Part-Time FD organisations we do not charge Finance Directors or CFO’s fees to join us.

Because we are focused on Finance Directors and CFO’s and are FD’s ourselves we know this niche very well, and can appreciate exactly what is involved in each opportunity,  and unlike conventional agencies  are ideally placed to filter candidates and make perfect matches.  We take the time to meet and get to know our candidates and clients and have become very good at judging the likelihood of a successful chemistry.

Here are some of the great benefits of hiring a Part-Time Finance Director through FD Capital Recruitment:-


We will always find the right candidate who has the relevant experience to work with your business.   We have a great network of highly skilled professionals, plus an extensive database of candidates we have met and screened for similar roles.


A part-time professional costs less than a full-time one, and that saving means you can recruit a very experienced FD or CFO who can add a lot of value in the time they work with you each week or month.

Sometimes it makes sense to pay a premium day rate to get a particularly strong candidate onboard and by reducing down the number of days worked a higher day rate can be offered.


You can set out how much time you need them to work with you and you can change this from one month to the next.


part-timeWe will work with you to identify your requirements. Our team includes:-

Private Equity Specialists PE house and venture capitalist expertise is very regularly required by our clients and that can mean experience of reporting to PE house investors and or raising funds from this channel.  Often this can be on a part-time basis.

Turnaround / Corporate Rescue / Corporate Recovery specialists – Business going through periods of challenging trading or distress present a unique challenge, and having the experience of turning around a business in this situation is particular valueable.  No two situations are exactly a like but having someone with expertise in this area brings a lot of valuable experience.

E-Commerce Specialists – Growing a business online and helping companies to reach their digital potential is a unique selling point of FD Capital Recruitment, we have some really very experienced Search Marketing experts who have both the knowledge of Senior Finance and SEO.  Given the potential for online growth there are very clear advantages to find a FD with these skills. This can also be on a part-time basis.

Interim Specialists – Having a FD or CFO for defined period and project can be a great way to get focussed work done and by using FD Capital Recruitment we can find you a candidate with the skills that match to your project or requirement.

Whatever your requirement we can meet and exceed your expectations.


Our team operates or has team members in the following locations available for Part-time opportunities:-

Telford Finance Director – located in Shropshire an ideal location for Telford and Shrewsbury based clients.

Shropshire Finance Director – A very experienced FD with 20 years of debt and equity funding experience immediately available.

Wolverhampton Finance Director – Highly experienced team members who can cover the wolves area.

Birmingham Finance Director – based in our second city team members ideally located to service the Birmingham and nearby areas.

Manchester Finance Director – We now offer FD’s and CFO’s in the Manchester area and up to Preston in Lancashire.

Leeds Finance Director – We now offer FD’s and CFO’s in the Leeds area.

London Finance Director – We have a number of talented experienced FCA’s living and working in London ideal for your business.

Oxford Finance Director – We have a number of talented experienced FD’s and CFO’s living and working in Oxford

We also offer full time FDs and CFO, so if you are looking for an interim role, that may move to permanent then we will be delighted to talk with you, visit our CFO Recruitment page for more information.

To find out more about hiring a part-time FD, give one of our specialists a call.