SME Brexit support

SME Brexit Support Fund

Some helpful news. The UK Government has announced a Brexit Support Grant.  If you are a UK SME then you can apply for a grant of up to £2K to help with Brexit advice and for training to adapt to the changes to trade rules as result of Brexit. You can apply for up to […]

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Recruiting a Portfolio FD

If you have taken the decision to recruit a Part-time Finance Director or Portfolio FD then the next challenge you face is finding a good one and local to you.   The niche of Portfolio FD roles is growing quickly but at the time of writing this blog post it is still just that a niche […]

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The future for financial recruitment

None of us really knows what the future brings but following trends is one way to get a feel for the direction things are moving in at least and Financial recruitment is no different from any area in that respect.   Here are some of my predictions for how things will look in ten years or […]

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