Manufacturing Finance Directors

Manufacturing Finance Directors / FD’s

Are you a manufacturing company looking to scale your company and reach your financial goals? Are you considering expanding your c-suite leadership to include a Manufacturing Finance Director? Having an FD on your team with experience within your industry can be a gamechanger. You’ll benefit from their analytical ability and awareness of the challenges facing the manufacturing industry.

At FD Capital Recruitment, our database of talented candidates includes several who have extensive experience within the manufacturing industry. We can help you find an FD or CFO with the skills and experience that you need to bring your company to the next level.

What is a Manufacturing Finance Director?

A Manufacturing Finance Director is an FD operating within the manufacturing industry who has specialist experience within their field. Not only do they have the skills to be a successful FD, but they also have the knowledge of working within the industry first-hand.

This experience is invaluable for the company, allowing the FD to apply their practical skills and knowledge with their industry insight. Your Manufacturing Finance Director is able to leverage their experience to deliver a tailored strategy for your business’ growth and development.

With experience within the industry, a Manufacturing Finance Director will understand the nuances of manufacturing and production. They’ll be able to apply this practical experience to their data analysis to provide more meaningful input into your strategy and existing procedure.

The roles and responsibilities of a Manufacturing FD

ManufacturingA Manufacturing Finance Director has the same roles and responsibilities as their traditional counterpart – with a specific focus on the needs of their industry. They offer a unique insight into the industry, applying this knowledge to their everyday role and strategy responsibilities as a Finance Director.

An FD’s job includes offering business insight, interacting directly with c-suite leadership within the company to provide financial guidance. Your Manufacturing Finance Director uses analytics and forecasting to create a strategic plan and targets to access the growth of your business.  We regularly advertise roles, check out our Finance Director and CFO Job Board for our latest ones.

A Manufacturing Finance Director provides support for the leadership team in their decision making, including providing guidance and recommendations. To facilitate this, your FD will oversee budgeting and forecasting, taking the lead in coordinating financial processes and procedures.  You might be interested in: Why a Dual CFO-COO Position Could Be a Gamechanger for Your Business.

A major role of a Manufacturing Finance Director is to oversee the introduction and implementation of programmes and systems to simplify and automate processes. These systems will help to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your business.

What to look for in a Manufacturing Finance Director

If you work within a niche of the manufacturing industry, it’s essential that you have an FD with previous experience of working in the industry. Their knowledge and experience mean they’ll make the biggest positive impact on your business’ growth.

Skills and qualifications for a Manufacturing FD

Like every FD, your ideal Manufacturing Finance Director will have a bachelor’s degree in finance or a field related to business. Their work experience will focus primarily on the financial sector, specifically working with manufacturing companies. They’ll have an analytical skill set and a track record of delivering data-driven projects with proven results.

You want your Finance Director to be someone that fits perfectly into your team. Given the significance of their role, and FD interacts with everyone from the c-suite leadership team to junior employees within the finance department.

As a result, a skilled FD will have strong communication and interpersonal skills, allowing them to interact with stakeholders and third-party individuals.

You want a Finance Director who can be a true leader within your organisation, working independently while taking responsibility for delegating and organising projects. At FD Capital Recruitment, we’ll help you find a self-driven Finance Director who ticks all these boxes and more.

Our team will work with you directly to find a Manufacturing Finance Director who fits right into your team and will help you bring your company to the next level. Our database of skilled FDs and CFOs include dozens of potential candidates for you to consider.

Whether you need a full-time, part-time, or interim FD or CFO, we’re here to help you find the perfect candidate for your business. Are you ready to start your search for a Manufacturing Finance Director? Get in touch with us for a no-obligation initial consultation at 020 3287950 or by using our contact form.

About FD Capital Recruitment

FD Capital Recruitment is a specialist recruiter for Finance Director and CFO. Our company was established in 2018 with the mission of becoming the leading provider of FDs and CFOs across the United Kingdom and across all industry sectors.

We can offer you three employment solutions, giving you the flexibility to choose an employment basis that works for your company’s needs.

Our part-time FDs and CFOs bring their unique skills and experience to your business, allowing SMEs to benefit from them on a fractional time basis. This option is ideal for companies who have a specific task in mind for their potential FD or CFO.

Similarly, our interim FD and CFOs are available to work on short-term projects within your business, including auditing existing processes and implementing new procedures.

Our full-time FDs and CFOs are ideal c-suite leadership professionals to add to your business to focus on long-term growth and development.

FD Capital Recruitment continues to grow from strength to strength after experiencing our busiest year to date in 2020. Our team and the majority of our candidates are ICAEW qualified. Our main office is based in Great Portland Street, London. You can find out more about the areas we cover here.  You might be interested in: Meet the 21st Century Finance Department the future of the function

Our Culture

At FD Capital Recruitment, we pride ourselves on having a friendly and professional approach to everything we do. Our expert team is made up of FDs and professional recruiters, giving you the peace of mind that we know the industry first-hand.

Many of our leadership teams are entrepreneurs, giving them a unique insight into the needs of business owners. You can find out more about our sector specialist Finance Directors here.

With our wealth of experience, we’ll find the right Manufacturing Financial Director for you and your business.


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