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Are your looking for an FD or CFO from the Digital sector?  Or a Finance Director that has previously worked within Digital or E-Commerce business?  Then you have come to the right place, here at FD Capital Recruitment we have a large database of candidates all with Digital sector expertise.

Having previous experience within a digital business is essential for an FD to be able to make the biggest impact.

SEO Savvy Finance Directors

A USP of FD Capital Recruitment is that we have some very SEO savvy Finance Directors on our books, for example one of our team who works internally with FD Capital as well as being one of our Portfolio Finance Directors owned and ran a series of tehnology based business for 12 years including a Search Marketing business, and a Domain (ICANN accredited) and Web Hosting business, having been around in the early days of Google he has gain professional level understanding of how their Search Engine works and accordingly how to market a website online and how to rank for a choosen phrase.  He built two successful business based around the knowledge he acquired during that time, he contributes regularly to the blog on this site and you can read his posts from the SEO section

Google and how to rank

Briefly he explains here how Google works and what you need to do to help your client achieve online success.

Google uses three main factors in its algorithm, two of which work to push your site up in the Search Engine Results (known as SERPS) and one which pushes your site down.

- Text

At its core Google is a text analysis system designed to sort results into relevency to the users query, having the text you are looking for on a page its one of the main ways it does that, together with the Title tag which appears in the browser tab when you view a page. Google is now very good at understanding language and what the meaning and context of related words are. To perform well a web page needs to be about the phrase you are targetting, well written, focussed and not stuffed with keywords but not too light on keyword density either so it really is about the phrase you wish that page to appear for.

- Links

A huge part of the Google Algorithm is about the quality of links that point to a website, its not about numbers, but that is a factor, having diverse links from relevent, reputable and authoritive websites and for those to be built on a regular basis is what its about. A successful Ecommerce store is likely to spend £20K-£40K monthly on link building including outreaching to high quality publications including national and international news brands.

- User Metrics

The factor that can push your site down is if your user metrics don’t meet Google’s expectations and it has a variety of ways to measure these, which include Bounce Rate, Click through Rates, Time on page and the speed of a site meaured in series of technical ways that determine how fast a page loads on desktop and mobile devices (Google has a separate index for those). If your site doesn’t make the grade it gets pushed down to a lower page which then means it doesn’t receive traffic. Over the years the standard and quality expectations have risen and that is only going to continue so you need to focus on ensuring every page on your website is the best you can make it. Do you need it? If not delete it? Can it be improved? If if can make it better. That way your overall quality score will continue to rise relative to your competitors.

About FD Capital Recruitment – your Finance Director and CFO specialists.

Formed in 2018 FD Capital Recruitment was founded with the objective of becoming a leading provider of Finance Directors and CFO’s

We offer three solutions :-

Part-Time FD’s and CFO’s our idea being to bring the skills and experience that finance directors have gained in larger corporates and plc’s and make them available to SME’s on fractional time basis.

Interim FD’s and CFO’s available for short term assignments

Full Time FD’s and CFO’s – we’ll find the perfect senior financial professional for your business and its requirements.

We have grown and grown and had our busiest year so far in 2020 with some of our team working six days per week.  Many of our team and most of our candidates are ICAEW qualified.  See more of the areas covered by FD capital here.   We have connections in the IT and Technology industry.

If you are looking for a technology Finance Director then you are in the right place, we regularly have new roles and opportunites coming in the tech space and it has a lot of active PE houses and VC funds interested in it also.   If you would like an FD with an SEO background make sure to ask the team to find a candidate with strong online marketing skills as well as being a traditional FD, there are candidates like that on our books.  Keep an eye on our Finance Director jobs page as we advertise roles there regularly.

Do you have a business that is growing online or wants to develop an online channel?  If so make sure you ask that we find you a Digital Finance Director, ie one with strong online skills.

Our main offices are based in Great Portland Street, London, we also have an office presence in Shropshire servicing the West Midlands and Cheshire, plus a national network of Finance Directors which gives us our national coverage.

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on always being friendly and professional, plus our approach reflects that we are team made up of FD’s and professional recruiters, so you can be sure of talking with someone who knows first hand what your issues and situation is likely to be. Many of our team have been entrepreneurs themselves so can really relate to our owner manager client base. See our sectors page to find more of our specialist Finance Directors.

Because we are so experienced we always find the best candidates.

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