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FD Capital works closely with our clients to identify their needs, creating a close working relationship between businesses and our team of talented FDs and CFOs. Our recruitment service allows you to find the perfect candidate on either a part-time, interim or full time basis.

Our blog covers news items of interest to our clients and candidates looking for their next senior finance roles.  FD Capital works closely with PE houses and specialises in helping business with their Private Equity Fund raising.

Many of our blog posts cover topics that our team gets involved with on a day to day basis, such as Corporate Finance and increasingly Financial Services as more of our clients are based in the City of London or are involved in M&A activity of some shape or form.

We curate a list of candidates that are hand selected for your company with the skills and experience you need to scale your business.  Visit our how we work page to learn more about our approach.

Our blog posts now feature as news items on Google News

The Finance Director's and CFO's Blog

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