What is the future for Online marketing

Online marketing is a very dynamic area and moves and innovates very rapidly.  Until recently it has been a immature market but as the importance of and understadning of the online world has become more widespread it is now very much a mainstream area.  So what does the future look like?

Like it or not the importance of big business and big brands are going to only increase in their importance this is because Fake News and legal disputes over user generated content (UGC) is rising and the law around the world is now moving to hold the publisher of this problem content responsible.  Big brands are more likely to have their own quality control teams and other online professionals than smaller outfits and also to have larger promotional budgets.

Video content has been very popular from day one, but now high speed fibre broadband is really spreadingly large players are starting to make their moves to capture the offline world, ie television audiences. Brands such as Facebook/Youtube and the like are after breaking into the setting room next!.

How can this trend be of use to non big brand business?  Well the answer is to grow your own brand, by using a multi-channel approach you can expand using different channels to market your business and create and promote content that includes video.   That means creating semi professional promotional videos for your business and making use of that to promote your product around the web.

Building links from quality sites is also a great way of increasing the Authority of your website from the Search Engine point of view.   If you need help in areas like this, then why not contact us we offer Finance Directors on a part time / Portfolio basis but also have FD’s who also have more than 15 years on online marketing experience, that is a one of the Unique Selling Points of Capital FD!