We are going Android

We are going Android

FD and CFO Job search on the Playstore

It’s been a busy week for our developers, not only has our Android App gone live in the Google Playstore but our Chrome extension has gone live in the Chrome store too.  So we really have gone Android this week!   Both of our new apps are to the same high standard as our new website, so really good as you would expect from FD Capital.

FD Capital on the Playstore

Searching for senior finance jobs is one of the most popular ways our website is used, so it makes sense for us to develop and implement a Web App.

It really does look good on Android and we anticipate generating additional traffic from visitors to the Google Playstore looking for Senior Finance Job search tools.

You can find and download our FD Capital Android App here .

The main feature of the app is our job search page which basically puts us in front of candidates with the message that :-

We specialise in the recruitment of Finance Directors (FD’s) and Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s) both on a Part-Time and Full time basis. We have a team of niche specialists available including E-Commerce, Turnaround and non-executive Finance Directors, opportunities are constantly arising so please visit this page regularly.

Our roles can be regional or national, though most are either in the London or West Midlands areas.

What we like about Android is that it gives us another sales channel and another path to access new customers.

Chrome Store

Our Chrome extension is also live.

This has a very similar objective to the Android app however it just presents our job search page:-

We specialise in the recruitment of FD’s and CFO’s both on a Part-Time and Full time basis. We have a team of niche specialists available including E-Commerce, Turnaround and non-executive Finance Directors, opportunities are constantly arising so please visit our jobs board regularly.

You can find our Chrome Extensions here.

Our Job Board is getting busier with opportunities, if you are looking for senior finance professional positions, then remember to check in with our jobs board to see our latest opportunities.

If you are a business looking for an FD or CFO, then please reach out to us, we are always looking for new opportunities for our network.

Here at FD Capital we are not just experts in Finance, many of our FD’s are previous e-commerce entrepreneurs who are really experienced with digital marketing, so much so we offer their services as a Director of digital.  If you need an expert to transform your online performance and take your digital sales to the next level then speak to our team today.

The future really is online, and more and more businesses are building up their online presences, if not as an e-commerce channel then as a presence for lead generation.  These are all areas our team are very familar with.

Director of Digital

Are you looking for a Director of digital to take forward your business and develop and drive its online strategy?  Then look no further than FD Capital Recruitment, we are a network of Finance Directors, SEO Professionals and recruiters who work together to find the perfect candidates for your business.

Achieving online success is all about being building a quality website, that is rich in content and gives a great user experience.  That needs to be supported by high quality links from reputable external sites, so your Domain Authority score known as DA improves and in time is higher than your competitors. You can learn more about online marketing from Moz.com where our team are active.

Our Culture

We pride ourselves on always being friendly and professional, plus our approach reflects that we are team made up of FD’s, SEO’s and professional recruiters, so you can be sure of talking with someone who knows first hand what your issues and situation is likely to be. Many of our team have been entrepreneurs themselves so can really relate to our owner manager client base.

Because we are so experienced we always find the best candidates.

E-Commerce FD Recruitment

Search Marketing TeamWhy not speak to use about using our E-Commerce FD’s or recruiting an FD with E-Commerce Experience?  Talk to our team today, and you’ll be surprised and impressed by the amount of knowledge our team has.  Some of our team members have been involved with E-Commerce startups and have developed online marketing companies from scratch from one person and a PC into teams of 16 and more.  Developing sites from launch through to 350,000 unique page views per day.   So we know what success looks like and how to help your business achieve and reach its online potential.   Some of our team have android and IOS expertise.

The right approach – Quality

Increasingly the user experience is being measured by Google from the perspective of bound rates and time on page, so improving your site with these metrics in mind will lead to more traffic and more traction for your company online. Google continues to dominate the digital landscape so it is all important to have a strategy that is compliant with the guidelines and one which has longevity. This means adopting a white-hat approach and building a quality site, that has the best user experience and metrics possible. Supported by a quality link building approach that develops high quality backlinks from reputable sites and ones which are closely related to your niche.

Understanding what is the right approach is the difference our team makes, our SEO experts have more than 20 years of experience and have watched and worked with Google almost from their first days of trading through to Chrome and Android. Working with FD Capital you get access to these professional skills and advice.

Why use FD Capital for your E-commerce FD needs?

FD Capital are a niche senior finance recruitment network of Finance Directors and CFO’s working together with professional recruiters, we have been active in the senior financial professional recruitment niche since 2018 and are based in Great Portland Street, London.   Our work is split between Part-Time, Interim and Permanent roles, around 50% of our portfolio is currently part-time, though interim and perm roles are growing faster currently.   Many of our network are experienced at search marketing and digital strategy.

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