Using Twitter to find a new senior Finance Role

Most senior finance people are creatures of habit and use one of the top financial recruitment sites to help them find their next job, either that or they sign directly with agencies which is broadly the same approach, the agency route is of course very successful for the huge majority of candidates, occasionally an opportunity may also come along via contacts with an Audit firm, but there is a new growing avenue to explore that of social media.

Now the key issue to understand with social media is that you can’t sign up on day one and receive a stream of jobs and interview opportunities how is works is instead through the power of networking and that your posts or comments are published on the news feed of your followers. You can find really good opportunities through this approach and these are roles which are not advertised openly otherwise.

Here is the approach, create your profile and slowly begin to follow influencers in your industry niche, a percentage of people you follow will you back out of courtesy, others will take time to cultivate as contacts.

Now if you are using Twitter as your main platform you need to Tweet regularly interesting posts or share the posts of others known as re-tweeting then in time by repeating this approach your network will grow.

When the time comes for you to find a new role you now have a network ripe for approach, start sending tweets out highlighting how you are looking for a new challenge and you will be surprised at how positive a response you get.

The secret is of course in the list – the money is in the list as the old adage goes, the longer and better your list of networked connects the more chance and opportunity there is for your message to be in front of the right person at the right time.

I’ve built successful twitter accounts up for businesses or politicians in the past so I know that this approach known as “win friends and influence people” does work, you just have to prepare and be dedicated enough to spend time developing this as a channel.

Social media of course has a fun side also, it is interesting to interact with others in this way and there are always amusing stories or industry news doing the rounds so it is a valueable addition to your contact base in any event.

I’ve used Twitter as the focus of this blog post, but a similar approach and logic equally applies to other platforms such as Linkedin, they all can play a role and each has their own benefits.

Good luck and if you are a candidate reading this and looking for Interim, Perm or Portfolio Finance Director work, then reach out to us today. We are also always looking for new clients across the West Midlands and London areas.