Supporting an Orphange in Ukraine

For the last three years I’ve been supporting an Orphange in the East of Ukraine, the conflict with Russia doesn’t make headlines in the West any longer, but it does continue and daily it seems there are casualties on both sides, the hidden side of the conflict is that many children end up loosing both their parents, and as Ukraine has a very limited social security support system, then so many children end up in Orphanges.

It really is great though to be able to support the work done by Agape, the charitable foundation I support, mostly I send childrens clothes, toys and of course money and they kindly send back pictures so I know what I send ends up where it should do.

Contrary to the news stories the situation in Ukraine is very much about Russian interests and there really is not sign of a end to this conflict.  The economy is in bad shape and the Eastern part of the Ukraine suffers the most due to the Russian occupation and loss of industry.

The children in the Agape Orphange are well looked after and the charity has a good network of supports in the USA, who regularly send people over to help and support their operation in Ukraine.

I also support UK charities which you can read about in other posts on this blog, the Agape Orphange however does do really valuable work and I feel that not many people care about Ukraine, it seems to be something like the land that time forgot hence why I take direct action and send them supplies.

Hopefully you will consider supporting their work also.