Self billing platform

We will shortly be offering a self billing option so our FD’s will not have to raise invoices, we will invoice ourselves on your behalf and send you an electronic copy of the invoice so you can complete your VAT or accounting records.   That way it simplifies the system for all concerned and you only need to keep your online timesheets up to date.

Our network of Finance Directors is growing fast and we are considering our first networking event for the summer of 2019 we’ll send around details of it as and when they become finalised.  Some of our members are using Xero Accounting Software which is a great software we may be able to offer a discounted pricing offer on that shortly as we are signing up with them as a practice customer, so watch this space for news and updates on that also.

Mark has a profile on Xero so you can get an idea of the features and pricing it offers.

I personally have been trialling quickbooks it has come on a lot since I used it maybe 15 years ago.  I have also gone back and and revisited Sage as a have a licence albeit an old one for Sage Line 50

The second half of 2019 is proving to be much busier than Q1 and far better than we expected we have 25 vacancies either in the pipeline or live on our site, that is some progress given that we only launched to market in Q4 of 2018.  A big thanks to all our customer and FD’s alike.