Sailing my other part time passion

I used to sail a lot as a youngster mostly mirrors and toppers, I also had my own catamaran which I kept in Cyprus for many years. At one time I really got into the sport, spending my free time whenever possible sailing, or going to boat shows and generally all things sailing related.

Here of some pics of the Lady Chislaine, which was sold and shipped all the way to Bermuda by its new owner!

That was the galley area which had a good amount of space.

Navigation Station
Nav station looking out to the brige/deck area.

I really had no end of fun with the catamaran but it became expensive to maintain and when I sold my business and returned to regular employment finding the time to get across to Cyprus proved to be a little too much, so sadly I sold and drew a line under that.

Hopefully one day when I eventually get around to retiring I will revisit and get another but for now it is just a fond memory. I must admit to being somewhat Jealous that my cat has ended up in a tropical paradise and not the other way around, but life does sometimes take unexpected twists and turns for sure!


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