Professional Pubications

To help market Finance Directors Capital we publish articles and contribute blog content to a range of high quality and reputable publications. We do feature already in newspaper sites such as the Shropshire Star and other second tier publications, not yet the mainstream press such as the Financial Times, Telegraph or similar top tiers but we are cultivating those channels also.

We aim to get exposure on sites or publications that have a strong internet following so whilst perhaps not as recognisable to UK readers nevertheless they have strong Internet reputations and our associates brings to us traffic and some enhance credibility due to their cross linkage to us.

Here are just some of the highlights of our efforts and progress so far.

Bloglovin – a Great blog promotional site which aims to highlight quality blogs and allows the publication of interesting high quality content at the same time. Due to the huge size of this site not all content gets to be indexed by Google so it is somewhat challenged in that respect, but a nice site with a strong internal network of followers.

  • Become a Portfolio FD – is as the name suggests a post about how to transition from a traditional FD role to becoming a Portfolio one

Medium – this is a top tier publication and is amongst the most popular sites in the World it has a huge following and attracts some of the top writers from around the World.

  • Portfolios are a growing niche – Highlights the rapid growth of the Portfolio finance Director role and the high value of this area of Financial management and recruitment.

We’ll be adding more to this page as additional content is published and we see this section developing into something of a showcase of our work.