Linkedin and your new FD Role

I am sure you have noticed but linkedin is becoming more and more important as part of any serious search for a new finance role, Senior level for certain.

Everyone is on linkedin or needs to be if they are not already, and you need to carefully read the profiles of your rivals and refine your own to match or surpass them. I lost out on a few roles in 2018 only to find that my work experience was far stronger than the candidates who got the role, however their Virtual CV’s and probably their hard copy CV’s were better than mine at the time at least.

I’ve now spent time learning from competitors and refining my profile and CV so it now represents me in a better more positive and more reflective light.

A great tip I can share is as soon as you apply for a role via an agency, find the contact that the application is going to, then invite them to link with you via linkedin, then make a focussed pitch on how you are better than anyone else for the role you are applying for, a couple of interviews and one role I’ve landed were just due to that, agencies and recruiters get huge numbers of applications, so small differences in your approach like that start to seperate you in the recruiters minds.

You need to make a good impression in today’s competitive jobs market so sprucing up your Linkedin is a great place and way to start.