Free Company Information

We have a sister company called Compelling Media Ltd which runs a network of its own sites, one of these is interesting because it is a repositiory of UK Company information and offers or will shortly free company credit reports based on the annual report and accounts that each company has filed at companies house.  The sites name is actually a play on the term report and accounts, and not surprisingly gets a fair amount of traffic just because of that.

Most services like this are chargeable so its interesting to see a free at the point of use version of these, it is supported by online advertising and gets its traffic from having a page for every UK company registered at companies.  Check out their promotional video

There is a still a lot of development to be done under the hood, but there are already 4.1 million pages of content, the challenge the team has is to get a reasonable proportion of these pages into Google’s index, at the time of writing it has only a few 10,000’s of pages listed so still a long way to go in that respect.

Once more data is integrated it will become much more of a value added resource, but already we are finding it handy to check out potential clients and it has a useful related companies panel for each listing.