Domain Authority and its importance for SEO

I used to own an run a couple of successful Ecommerce / Search marketing businesses. I built up these businesses at the same time as building up my knowledge of Search marketing. I find that knowledge of great value now as I work as a Finance Director because almost every business I get involved with is not making the most of their web site and its potential, which I guess is a statement that could be made about every business and website. However most businesses I deal with have very underveloped sites!

A concept that is helpful to learn about is known as Domain Authority and a related concept Page Authority. The idea is that ever domain name is allocated a score by Google the leading search engine based on the strength of sites linking to it, this concept has been developed by Moz, who run a great community and have created an Analysis tool which is believed in the SEO industry to closely model the google one, their website is known as I am a member of their community and you can find my moz profile here. What the team at Moz have done is built a tool that helps you determine how authoritive a domain name is, and the related concept of page authority for each web page within that website. That score has value because with it that then tells you how likely a page or phrase is to peform on Google.

As websites authority passes through links (known as backlinks) then the more links you have from high authority sites, the higher your own domain names authority score becomes and hence the better able your site is to perform in the Search Results known as SERPS (Search Engine Results Placement).

Only on topic links actually help a website perform but using the moz tool is a great way to focus your efforts on to building links from sites that actually “push the dial”.

To get better results you need to actively build high quality links to your website, that believe me is no easy matter and it is a whole industry and world in its own right. However success will never come to your websites unless you market it.

There is also a whole area of Search Marketing expertise which involves how to efficiently pass your domain authority around your website so your key pages get to perform as well as possible. Link popularity dilutes with each level of link depth, so structuring a website is and important consideration as in that way your Domain Authority is targetted to the pages that you want to perform the best – ie your “money pages” or the pages that you wish to push the most.

If you need a Finance Director who is also a Search marketing expert/guru then you will find they are very thin on the ground! In any event I am more than happy to share my knowledge and advice with partners and employers.