Cyprus – Attractive for retirement

Back in 2009 I made the most of the Global Credit Crunch and purchased a villa in Coral Bay Cyprus, I thought I had caught the bottom of the property market only for the market to drop further and for the Bank of Cyprus my lender to get into difficulties.   However the purchase was a long term one and with the aim of retiring to the sun firmly in mind.

Cyprus has a very attractive retirement tax rate of 6% of income above a personal allowance, so my plan is to sell up in the UK in around 10 years time, managing my capital gains as best as I can then to retire on my various pensions.

Hopefully you can see the great quality of properties that are available at reasonable prices even today.   What the situation will be when Brexit is finally through I have no idea of, however a lot of residents are from Ukraine and Russian which suggests that it isn’t such an issue if you are from the EU or a non EU Country.

Anyway a sunny retirement is the plan!