Covid 19 and the last year

I can’t believe its been nearly a year since my last blog post! I had gotten into a great routine of making regular posts, but then I got so busy with work that I didn’t have time.

Well I am still very busy but in lockdown so I am not travelling anywhere which then of course means I gain a few hours each day, so there is at least a small upside to all of this.

Covid 19 is having a huge impact on the UK, it seems that many 10,000’s of good companies are going to fail due to the sudden change this pandemic has brought on us all. Not sure if there is going to be blockcade on China as a result, but I am certainly looking very carefully at where everything I buy is made now. Mostly so I can focus my limited spending on helping UK companies.

During the last year, I’ve worked in Oil and Gas, tech and now travel, so really getting some varied and great experience. I launched yet another blog, maybe I have just too many now!

If you are reading this then I wish you very best of luck with job searching the market has dried up in Senior Finance so its about hanging in there at the moment, and waiting for better times to come again.