Covid 19 and the last year

Covid 19 and the last year

Covid 19 and the last year

I can’t believe its been nearly a year since my last blog post and Covid is responsible! I had gotten into a great routine of making regular posts, but then I got so busy with work that I didn’t have time.

Well I am still very busy but in lockdown so I am not travelling anywhere which then of course means I gain a few hours each day, so there is at least a small upside to all of this.

During the last year, I’ve worked in Oil and Gas, tech and now travel, so really getting some varied and great experience.

If you are reading this then I wish you very best of luck with job searching as the market is very challenging at the moment, for new Senior Finance roles so its about hanging in there at the moment, and waiting for better times to come again.  The market is however busy with special situation clients, we’ve helped an Italian specialist tour operator get a CIBLS loan over the line and worked with an E-Commerce retailer who have seen traffic and order volumes rise 220%.

During this difficult time the skills our team offer are likely to be in high demand and we are already seeing that general FD role enquiries have fallen but requests for specialists skills have risen dramatically.

Turnaround FD’s

CovidAn area we specialise in is Turnaround situations, often these are caused by a change in business circumstances or market, and the distress is then a problem to manage.  Our team have dealt successfully with these situations before, helping companies raise funds when their existing lenders have wanted to exit or raising private equity for startup situations where others have not been able to pitch the offering in the right way.   To learn more about this area see our Turnaround FD page.

The key to turnarounds is the experience of the candidate, they need to have been through a few of these to have built up the requisite experience, time is very important as cash burns its a battle to avoid insolvency and at the same time, raising fresh funds takes time itself, preparing a model, holding discussions, sensitivity analysis and more.  The moral of the team can be an issue and if key people such as the sales team start to leave for competitors then the situation can spiral out of control.

Having a clear idea of what actions to take and being able to take the team along with them are the skills most needed.   At FD Capital Recruitment, we have a number of highly experienced individuals available for just this type of distressed situation.

Restructuring the business is a necessary step and that often has to be done in conjunction with a restructure or re-phasing of the business debts, often issues need to be address by a change program within the management team, bringing in fresh individuals more aligned to the companies new situation and future strategy.

Search Engine Marketing

Making the most of the opportunity that the pandemic presents.   Because of the lockdown and the concern everybody has about going out to places where there are lots of people, it leaves little choice but to buy online.  Of course when the pandemic finally passes this will reverse but some of the online displaced activity will remain online, I have heard various reports that the pandemic has accelerated the move online by between 3 and 5 years, and I can really believe that.

So if your business is online already you need to consider the main factors that Google are now using to evaluate the rankings your site enjoys in the SERP’s (Search engine results placement), these are now decided by EAT (Experience, Authority and Trust)

Experience – Google uses metrics to understand how users engage with websites, these include, time on page, bounce rates (how many visitors return immediately back to the back they were on before your site), Click Through rates, and shortly these will be supplemented by speed measures which include Largest contextual paint and others, which are being described as core web vitals.

To improve the user experience requires thought and input, if you track your current visitor experience you can learn how to improve it, there are plenty of tools around which can help with this such as hotjar, and consultants who specialist in the user experience (UX consultants)

Authority – We discussed this concept in another blog post. Domain Authority and its importance for SEO  what this boils down to is having high quality sites linking to yours and a strategy of growing these so your authority level rises and ideally rises faster than that of your competitors.

If you build quality links in time this will be reward by higher traffic and higher rankings.

Trust – this is a measure of how users rate a site and is measures by the reputation of the sites that link to yours, and from tools that rate sites such as Trust Pilot.

Improving the user experience is important as it will lead to a better experience and then better ratings for your site.

If you need help from FD’s with Turnaround or E-Commerce experience reach out to us ASAP.

Search Marketing is a long term activity, if you need fast results then that is what Pay Per Click is for, to achieve long term digital success requires a plan which needs to be funded and executed over a long period of time.

Turnaround and Digital Marketing Finance Director Recruitment

Finding the skills at short notice to respond to changes in a business both in its trading performance and its digital marketing strategy are specialist areas, FD Capital Recruitment specialises in these two areas, so if you need these skills make sure to reach out to our team today. Some of our FD’s have been Digital marketing directors or CEO’s of online businesses, so come with a huge amount of experience together with a network of contacts which can be used to leverage online success.  The future is increasingly orientating towards the online sales channel so its important to address any business weaknesses in this area at an early stage.