FD Capital guide to FD and CFO recruitment

Free Guide to FD and CFO Recruitment

Our clients are always asking us for advice and guidance so it made sense for us to create a range of guides that we can share with prospective and regular clients alike, the first of which is our guide to Finance Director and Chief Financial officer recruitment. We are pleased with the look and feel […]

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Interim FD

What is the role of an Interim FD?

Having an interim Financial Director (FD) is similar to the role of a part-time FD, but with a few significant differences. Financial Directors can help you scale up your business, boost fundraising, and tap into grants that you can utilize to meet your goals. A part-time FD works with the business for the long term, […]

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Giving More Thought to Personal Investment

Giving More Thought to Personal Investment We think a lot here about the purpose of a Finance Director, and how someone in such a role can help a business of just about any size. As it’s been defined here before, the role is about helping a team meet its “objectives and growth ambitions.” And this […]

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Female FD

What Does a Finance Director Do?

What Does a Finance Director Do? Do you want to grow your business? Do you have ambitious goals? You need a Finance Director who can help you create the right foundation to grow and expand your business. Your Finance Director will do more than just crunching the numbers. They’re an essential part of your team […]

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Recruit an FD

Do I Need to Hire a Finance Director?

Do I Need to Hire a Finance Director? One question that unites almost all small business owners is whether a Finance Director is a position they should invest in. Most CEOs assume their finances are something they can look after themselves, pass off to another employee, or that their accountant can manage it all. When […]

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FD Capitals Podcasts

FD Capital’s podcasts

FD Capital now have our own podcasts, we are recording episodes on a regular basis and building up our base of listeners.  It is early days but we are enjoying the process and it makes for a difference from our regular roles as Finance Directors, CFO and of course professional recruiters.  It is a great […]

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FD at her desk

How to become a successful finance director

How to become a successful finance director How to Become a Successful Finance Director A career as a Finance Director can bring with it an impressive salary, networking potentials, and opportunities to engage with stakeholders within the industry and further afield. Whether you’re on the first step of the career ladder with your eyes on […]

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